Article Croutons to Crumbs: How to Use Your Silver Hills Bread

April 04, 2019

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Silver Hills Bakery

You already know our Sprouted Power™ Silver Hills Bakery loaves are full of delicious sprouted whole grains that are good for gut health and great for your family. You’ve used your favourites to make energy-boosting toast and classic lunchtime sandwiches. Now’s the time to think outside the bag. Here’s how to use your Silver Hills bread in more delicious ways: 

Super Sandwiches

It’s no secret that we love our sandwiches. Call us biased, but we think our Sprouted Power™ breads are the best base for ooey-gooey grilled cheese, getting in your post-workout protein, or taking a bite with you on a hike. Even better? You can pack it a bunch of different ways into a parent- and kid-friend lunch

Tasty Toast

Is there anything toast can’t do? From open-faced savoury snacks to morning breakfast to dessert-style toppings, it’s always an easy way to get a quick fix of something sweet or salty, add protein and fibre, and cut down on cooking mess. 

Fantastic French Toast

Weekends are made for spending a little extra time on breakfast. French toast fits the bill best because the recipe concept originated as a way of using up stale bread. So, whenever you’re needing to finish off your loaf, you have your answer—whether you go classicPB&J, pumpkin spice, or casserole-style is up to you.   

Crunchy Croutons

Great in mason jar salads, fantastic mixed in with some garlicky Caesar salad dressing and fresh romaine lettuce, and cozy atop some warm soup, croutons are a great way to fit healthy whole grains into your meals (and a great excuse for mini grilled cheese).

Delicious Dessert

When you’ve got something to celebrate, or even if you just want to show someone you care with a simple gesture, making a treat from scratch is the way to go. Serve a bigger crew with a pumpkin spice bread pudding, or simply cut a heart out of a jam sandwich and serve. 

Best Breadcrumbs

When the new dessert you’re trying out calls for a topping of breadcrumbs, go sprouted. It will only take about eight slices of your loaf (or you can save up and freeze the ends over time) to make a batch that is ready to sprinkle and will save you the trouble of heading to the store. 

Simple Stuffing

Holiday dinners are made warm and cozy with delicious stuffing. We’ve perfected a couple over the years by adding hearty lentils to our loaves and veg, or putting a flavour-specific spin on it to keep guests on their toes.

A Note About Shelf Life

Your Silver Hills loaf should keep for up to 9 days at room temperature on your kitchen counter (out of direct sunlight is best) and up to six months in your freezer. We recommend you lock in freshness by sealing it well after each use with a bread clip or twist tie. 

Feeling hungry? Find a store near you! Not sure which Silver Hills Bakery Sprouted Power bread is right for you? Use the Flavour Profile slider on our products page, or check out our Best Bread for You and Your Family page to learn what makes each of our breads special.

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