Article How to Pack a Lunch Parents and Kids will Love

Four strategies for packing satisfying, whole food, plant-based lunches

March 14, 2019

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Silver Hills Bakery

It’s Sunday night, you’re trying to get everyone’s lunch ready for the week, and surprise, everyone wants something different. The picky eaters don’t like any of your suggestions, the health nut wants to make sure they replenish their protein after a lunch hour run, and you just want to make sure everyone eats something healthy. The solution? These four strategies make it easy to pack a lunch parents and kids will love —and make sure everyone gets the nutrition they need.

Strategy 1: Tapas Style

Can’t settle on something everyone wants? Put together a bunch of options in smaller containers so lunch feels more like a tapas spread or epic snack. Try sliced fresh fruit and crunchy veggie sticks, a nut medley with some dark chocolate, and toast wedges made from our Sprouted Power™ Family Favourites as a base for healthy spreads, such as hummus, oil-free edamame spread, or nut butter.

Strategy 2: Sandwich Classics

Sandwiches are a lunch staple for a reason: a healthy base of sprouted whole grain slices can elevate almost any ingredient. You can start with a protein-rich spread, like white bean dip, and layer on your family’s favourite healthy veggies, or choose another classic lunch sandwich. If all else fails, go for a kid-friendly option straight off the soccer field.

Why make your family’s sandwiches with our Sprouted Power™ breads? Lots of reasons.

Strategy 3: Shake It Up

Mason jar salads make lunches super easy and keep ingredients fresh thanks to some smart layering, plus they look fantastic and are fun to shake up. Like savoury flavours? Try this vitamin- and mineral-loaded sweet potato mason jar salad. If your family has a collective sweet tooth, try our very cherry salad for a nice balance of veggies, protein, and whole grains.

Strategy 4: Leftovers

Ready to make your life ultra-easy? Make a double batch of healthy dinner favourites and have your helpers pack up their extras for lunch (and then help with the dishes). Try kid-approved plant-based sloppy joes, build-your-own chickpea wraps, or mexi-style fajita burgers.

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