The Power of Sprouted Whole Grains: How Sprouting Unlocks Nutrition for Better Bread

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The Benefits of Sprouting

Whole grains are healthy. Sprouting makes what’s already healthy about whole grains even better. Naturally. Unlike conventional whole wheat products that are enriched to make up for nutrients lost in processing, Silver Hills Bakery sprouts whole grains to help you get more of the nutrition that’s already there. Three ways sprouting make the whole grain nutrition in sprouted bread better:

Benefit #1 Nutrition That’s Easier For Your Body to Use

Sprouting harnesses one of nature’s oldest processes to make the nutrients found in whole grains easier for your body to use.

Sprouting — the early growth of a plant — breaks down antinutrients that protect the vitamins and minerals stored in every seed. This unlocks iron, magnesium, zinc, B vitamins, and other important vitamins and minerals1 2, so you get even more nutritional value from sprouted whole grains than you get from unsprouted ones.

Benefit #2 Easier to

As a new plant starts to draw on the protein and starches stored in a seed, it uses enzymes to break these down into amino acids and simpler carbohydrates to fuel its growth1. This makes sprouted whole grains and seeds easier to digest for people, too!3

Benefit #3 Steady Energy for Active Lives

Whole grains are high-energy foods, rich in fibre and important vitamins and minerals. In a time when sugar-bashing is almost a sport, sprouted whole grains offer a healthy, slow-release carb contrast to refined carbs. Sprouted whole grains give you steady energy4 to help your body keep up with your full life!

At Silver Hills Sprouted Bakery, we’ve used the power of sprouting to make a nutritious variety of sprouted whole grain foods for over 30 years, so you and your family have healthy, delicious options to enjoy every day.  

Our Sprouting Process

Working with organic, Non-GMO whole grains, we follow four steps to baking Silver Hills Sprouted Bakery’s healthy, sprouted bread and sprouted whole grain foods:

Step 1 Clean & Rinse

It can be a long journey from the harvest to the bakery, so we handle our grains with extra care when they arrive. They get a thorough cleaning, sifting, and sorting before they’re rinsed again to make sure they’re as clean as can be.

Step 2 Soak + Drain

To start our grains’ natural germination process, we soak them in clear, fresh water at just the right temperature and for just and many hours as they need to sprout. When their enzymes are fully active, we drain them so they’re ready for dough.

Step 3 Mash Dough + Ingredients

Rather than grinding them into flour, our sprouted whole grains are mashed to form dough, then mixed with select ingredients. This makes sure all the nutrition from every part of the whole grain makes it into our sprouted products, so you get all the benefits.

Step 4 Bake + Enjoy

Baked with sprouted whole grains and a simple list of ingredients, our breads, buns, bagels, and tortillas offer a delicious variety of sprouted power foods you and your family will love.

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Beyond Bread: A Sprouting How-to Guide

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