What is Sprouted Bread? Part 1 of Silver Hills Bakery's What? Why? Try! Sprouted education series

What? • Why? • Try!

Part 1: What is Sprouted Bread?

Whether you’ve just heard about sprouted grains or enjoyed sprouted bread for decades, our What is Sprouted Bread collection will satisfy your curiosity. Here, you’ll find everything you need to know about the WHAT of sprouted whole grains—and what makes sprouted bread special.

Start with an introduction to what whole grains are (and why they’re so healthy compared to refined grains). Learn what happens when whole grains are sprouted. Understand what sprouted bread is—and how it’s different from regular bread. Then discover how sprouted bread is made.

The first part of our What? • Why? • Try! sprouted education series, the What is Sprouted Bread collection includes four articles to explore:

Sprouting at Home: Sprouted whole wheat kernels

Whole Grains Are Healthy!

What are grains? What’s the difference between whole and refined grains? Why are whole grains healthy? Learn why whole grains win (and what refined grains leave behind).

What are Sprouted Grains? Illustration of the parts of a sprouted whole grain

What are Sprouted Grains?

What are sprouted grains—and what happens when whole grains are sprouted? Discover how one of nature’s oldest processes makes a good thing even better!

Silver Hills Bakery Sprouted Breads: Squirrelly Bread and Little Big Bread

What is Sprouted Bread?

What is sprouted bread? And how is sprouted bread different from regular bread? Explore two key ways sprouted whole grain breads differ from conventional breads made from flour.

A loaf of sprouted bread being sprinkled with oats before baking

How is Sprouted Bread Made?

How do you turn sprouted whole grains into sprouted bread? Can you make sprouted bread at home? What about sprouted flour? Learn how we make sprouted bread in 4 simple steps!

Check out parts 2 and 3 of our  What? • Why? • Try! sprouted education series to learn why sprouted bread is better—and delicious ways to try sprouted at any meal!

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Silver Hills Bakery’s Sprouted Education Series:


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