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Part 2: The WHY of Sprouted Whole Grains

Dive into the WHY of sprouted whole grains! From the benefits to the back of the bag, all the way to your first (or 500th!) bite, learn how sprouting brings out the best in whole grains in our Why is Sprouted Bread Better collection!

Uncover the science behind the three ways sprouted bread is better. Compare how sprouted bread’s ingredients and nutrition facts stack up to regular multigrain bread. And discover the secret of why sprouted whole grain bread makes the best grilled cheese sandwiches!  

The second part of Silver Hills Bakery’s What? • Why? • Try! sprouted education series, the four articles of our Why is Sprouted Bread Better collection answer some of sprouted’s most serious questions:

Is Sprouted Bread Better For You?

Is sprouted bread better for you? Why? And what are antinutrients? Learn how sprouting helps make already healthy whole grains even more nutritious!

What are the Benefits
of Sprouted Bread?

What are the benefits of sprouted bread? Learn how sprouting unlocks whole grains to deliver better-for-you nutrition, easier digestion, and steady energy—and survey the science of sprouted!

Slice-by-Slice: How does Sprouted Bread Compare to Regular Bread?

Which is healthier—sprouted bread vs regular bread? See how sprouted whole grain bread stacks up to conventional multigrain bread in this slice-by-slice comparison!

What Does Sprouted Bread
Taste Like?

How does sprouted bread taste? How do people describe the flavour of sprouted grains? Explore how sprouting makes whole grains taste better!

Check out parts 1 and 3 of our What? • Why? • Try! sprouted education series to get the 101 on what sprouted whole grains are and how sprouted bread is made—and discover tasty ways to try sprouted in recipes from sandwiches to salads.

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