Try sprouted whole grains and fresh sprouts

What? • Why? • Try!

Part 3: Now TRY Sprouted Whole Grains

The Try part of the learning curve is even more delicious once you’ve explored the What and the Why of sprouted whole grains.

From soft and smooth to hearty and chewy, all the way to slices stuffed with richly textured grains and topped crunchy seeds, there’s a Silver Hills Bakery bread for everyone!

Whether flavour is first on your list, or grams of protein, fibre, and whole grains per serving are how we’ll earn a place on your plate, find the perfect sprouted whole grain loaf on our Which Bread is Best for You and Your Family? page.

And benefits of sprouting aren’t limited to the whole grains IN your sandwich bread—they also apply to sprouts you pile ON your sandwiches, too!

Learn how to make sprouts at home and discover tasty ways to try sprouted in recipes from spreads to salads in our Try Sprouted collection!

The third part of our What? • Why? • Try! sprouted education series, Try Sprouted features four how-to articles to help you grow, store, and serve the goodness of sprouts at any meal:

Sprouting at Home:
Sprout Safely with These Simple Rules

Sprouting at home is easy! Learn 7 basic rules for sprouting at home safely and grow your own sprouted whole grains, seeds, beans, or lentils all year!

Sprouted green peas, sprouted chickpeas, and sprouted quinoa in glass jars

Sprouting at Home:
A How-to Guide

What seeds and whole grains can you sprout? What tools do you need to make your own sprouts? Learn how to grow sprouts at home with our beginner-friendly guide!

Fresh sprouts in jars: Sprouted mung beans, sprouted spelt kernels, and sprouted radish

How to Use Sprouts:
Tips for Eating and Storing Sprouts

What can you make with sprouts? Try 9 tasty ways to serve them—and learn how to store sprouts safely with our top 3 tips for keeping them fresh!

What to Make with Sprouts

What’s more satisfying than growing sprouts at home? Eating them! From salads to spreads to STEM, try some of our best recipes to make with sprouts of all sorts!

Explore parts 1 and 2 of our What? • Why? • Try! sprouted education series to find out what sprouted whole grains are, learn how sprouted bread is different from regular bread—and understand how sprouting unlocks whole grains to deliver better-for-you nutrition, easier digestion, and steady energy!

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Part 3: Now TRY Sprouted Whole Grains