Which Bread is Best for You and Your Family?

Our entire Silver Hills Sprouted Bakery bread line is specially crafted to give you and your family healthy, delicious options to enjoy every day.

Although we know we’re only one small slice of what you need in your entire diet, we want to help you make a positive impact on the health of your family with simple choices that fit your day-to-day life. That’s why our goal is to make the healthiest sprouted bread possible. And the best tasting sprouted grain bread, too.

Every bread we make is sprouted, made with certified organic ingredients, certified vegan, peanut and tree-nut free, Non-GMO Project Verified, and voluntarily tested for glyphosate. You’ll also find the Whole Grains Council stamp on every bag, so you know how many grams of whole grains are in every serving or slice.

Because we want you to feel confident you’re making the best choice possible for you and your family, no matter which of our delicious sprouted whole grain breads you bring home.

Sprouted Whole Grain Breads Span a Full Spectrum of Flavour and Texture

From soft and smooth to hearty and chewy, from no seeds or visible whole grains to slices stuffed and topped with crunchy, chewy grains and seeds, and from mild to robust flavour—there’s a Silver Hills Sprouted Power bread for everyone!

We know all that variety can make it tough to choose the best-sprouted bread for you and your family. Because every bread we make has its own unique taste and texture profile, this page will help you explore how they’re different—and find the right Silver Hills Sprouted Bakery bread for you.

Or scroll down for a bread-by-bread overview, complete with images of each slice, helpful descriptions,
recipe ideas, and Silver Hills bread reviews for every variety of sprouted bread we make.

Use our Flavour Graph for a quick visual guide to where each variety fits on the spectrum of flavour and texture.

Or scroll down for a bread-by-bread overview, complete with images of each slice, helpful descriptions,
recipe ideas, and Silver Hills bread reviews for every variety of sprouted bread we make.

What is the Best Silver Hills Bread?

From picky kids to sophisticated grown-ups, Silver Hills Sprouted Bakery has a bread for everyone.
What’s the best tasting sprouted bread Silver Hills Sprouted Bakery makes? That depends!
Our Sprouted Power breads include Family Favourites, Classics,
Premium Breads—and our new Organic loaves.

New to Sprouted Grains? Try Our Family Favourites

Our entry-level Organic Sprouted Power™ blended breads are soft and fluffy because they’re made with a blend of organic sprouted whole grains and organic wheat flour. They’re smooth and don’t contain many whole seeds. You could almost say our Family Favourites have a secret nutrition store that’s invisible to the picky eater’s eye but still offer all of the benefits of sprouted grain bread, from better-for-you nutrition, to easier digestion.

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Plant Based RD's Sun-Dried Tomato White Bean Skillet with Garlic Bread recipe

Our Family Favourites are right for you if:

  • You’re trying to be more health-conscious, but usually eat conventional white and whole wheat breads
  • You aren’t used to munching on seeds and grains and prefer something smoother
  • You have kids who are picky eaters
  • You’re the grocery shopper of the household and usually end up buying multiple types of loaves just to please everyone
  • You want softer, more subtle-tasting breads for dessert recipes or finger sandwiches for afternoon tea

Organic Soft Wheat

Our softest, fluffiest recipe, Organic Soft Wheat lives up to its name! A blend of sprouted whole wheat and wheat flours, Organic Soft Wheat is picky-kid-friendly, the white-bread-lover’s favourite, and our gentlest welcome into the better-for-you world of sprouted whole grain bread.

Recipe: What to make with Organic Soft Wheat?
Try our Peanut Butter French Toast

I’ve been on a quest of sorts for many years to find the best bread to toast to go with a really good English Seville Orange Marmalade and I recently discovered your Sprouted Soft Wheat Bread, which is leaps & bounds better than anything else I have ever come across. The taste 10/10, the character this bread takes on after it has been toasted 20/10. It’s just amazing. It takes on this crunchy/chewy consistency that no other bread I have ever tried can equal. The healthy ingredients are the icing on the cake. Well done.

Organic Multigrain

Our softest, fluffiest recipe, Organic Soft Wheat lives up to its name! A blend of A fluffy blend of sprouted whole wheat flour and wheat flour with organic oats, rye, barley, millet, and quinoa, our Organic Multigrain bread is an approachable first step into sprouted. If you like a soft, straightforward multigrain slice, this is the bread for you!

Recipe: What to make with Organic Multigrain?
Try our Cheese Toast 2 Ways

I tried your bread for the first time a week ago. I was literally shocked at how much better it was than any other that I have had – and I like bread. I tried the Sprouted Multigrain bread. Now I won’t buy anything else, even though it is 40 Miles to the closest store that carries your bread. Good job y’all.

Organic Cinnamon Raisin

With all the softness of our Organic Soft Wheat, but filled with organic raisins and cinnamon, our Organic Cinnamon Raisin bread is a subtly sweet treat! Toast up a slice for a warm sprouted whole grain start to your day.

Recipe: What to make with Organic Cinnamon Raisin?
Try our Ice Cream Sandwich on Grilled Cinnamon Raisin Toast

Every product I have tried from [Silver Hills Sprouted Bakery] I love. Soft Wheat bread, bagels, and Cinnamon Raisin bread, to be exact. I love that they’re local and most if not all of their products are vegan. Plus healthy and very yummy.

Dig Sprouted Grains? Grab Silver Hills Classics

These are the breads that started it all. Our classic sprouted grain loaves are packed with seeds and sprouted whole grains. Health-forward and naturally sweetened, many of our fans know these by name: Squirrelly™, The Big 16™, Steady Eddie™, Mack’s Flax™, Little Big Bread™, and The Queen’s Khorasan™. What makes these a step up from our Family Favourites? Their higher sprouted grain and fibre content.

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Our Classics are right for you if:

  • You want a healthy whole grain bread that hits all the nutrition notes and still tastes great
  • You love seeds and whole grains: flax, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, wheat, oats, millet, barley, and hemp
  • You want an easy and delicious way to get more whole grains and fibre on your plate every day
  • You like your food lightly and naturally sweetened, with apple purée or raisin nectar
  • You want healthy, slow-release carbs to give you steady energy to fuel your full, active life
  • You want a whole grain bread that’s easier to digest

Squirrelly Bread™

Loaded with deliciously crunchy sesame and sunflower seeds, Squirrelly Bread is a beloved Silver Hills Sprouted Bakery fan favourite. With organic sprouted whole wheat first on the ingredients list, Squirrelly Bread has a tender whole-grain chew and delightfully nutty flavour. (And it makes amazing grilled sandwiches!)

Recipe: What to make with Squirrelly bread?
Try our Vegan Cauliflower Toast

I just wanted to reach out and let you know that I think Silver Hills is the absolute best bread available today. I love that it is made with healthy, quality ingredients and the many variety of types available. My favourite is the tried and true Squirrely Bread but all are quite delicious. It is easy to have my family eat healthy as everyone loves this bread.

The Big 16™

Loaded with 16 seeds and grains, The Big 16 delivers a flavourful assortment of textures. The Big 16’s enjoyably soft wide slices serve up a classic multigrain experience that’s satisfying and stands up to serious sandwich stacking.

Recipe: What to make with The Big 16?
Try our Mushroom Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Hey guys! I just wanted to let you know how much I love your bread! I was a hardcore white bread eater. I absolutely hated whole wheat. I found it SO hard to try anything else. I started Simply for Life and they suggested I try Silver Hills. I got the Big 16. I will never eat any other bread again. It is my absolute FAV! I recently tried Squirrelly (I was scared) but you guys wowed me again! I am super impressed! Thanks for making eating healthy so easy and tasty.

Steady Eddie™

A soft blend of sprouted whole wheat, sprouted whole rye, and sprouted whole lentil flour, Steady Eddie is sweetened with organic apples instead of refined sugar. Steady Eddie’s smooth, richly flavourful slices give you the goodness of sprouted perfectly balanced to fit your healthy life.

Recipe: What to make with Steady Eddie bread?
Try our Cranberry Orange French Toast

Just a quick note to say how much I enjoy one of your products. I recently discovered your bread in the organic section of my supermarket lately and bought it. I have just finished my second loaf. The one I chose is Steady Eddie bread with lentils and apples. This is a truly amazing bread, better than most breads I have ever had and has the best texture and taste. I love it and am going to recommend it to all my friends.

Little Big Bread™

Little Big Bread’s smaller slices may have fewer calories and less fat, but they definitely don’t skimp on sprouted grain flavour! High in fibre, Little Big Bread is perfectly portioned for small-but-satisfying servings of whole grain goodness.

Recipes to make with Little Big Bread?
Try our Croutons to Crumbs guide

My husband and I have been huge fans of your bread! It’s become our favourite, and the only kind we buy regularly. We especially like the Little Big Bread. Sometimes I want to make a sandwich, and I love the option of having a light version without sacrificing flavour.

Mack’s Flax™

Sprouted whole wheat pairs with whole flax and ground flax to offer a deliciously satisfying high-fibre loaf with only 1 gram of sugar per slice. Mack’s Flax is deliciously versatile, balancing an enjoyably soft crumb complemented by the light crunch of whole flax seeds.

Recipe: What to make with Mack’s Flax bread?
Try our Eggless Egg Salad Sandwich with Tofu & Sprouts

Please keep producing Mack’s Flax! It is hands-down my favourite bread; I’ve tried your others available in my area and other brands. I often eat it once per day: toast, sandwich bread, French toast (traditional or casserole), pizza (Friday treat!), croutons (ends oiled, seasoned, and toasted hard), dessert slice (Nutella w/ crunchy peanut butter). I’m going to try it as the base for a bread pudding soon. I buy it frozen…I keep it frozen and toss it in the toaster oven, thaw with my sandwich ingredients for lunch, or thaw it in the fridge for other recipes. Not only is this bread healthy, it tastes good and performs well. Thanks again!

Sprouted Grain Superfan? Try our Top-of-the-Line Heritage Grain Loaves

Consider these loaves our premium line. These breads—Big Red’s Bread and The Queen’s Khorasan—are both packed with nutrients and bursting with flavour. The sprouted grains in these breads are unique because they are heritage whole grains and ancient grains that come to us from past generations and remain true to their original form, just like nature intended.

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Dig into these loaves if:

  • Healthy eating is hands-down your number one priority
  • You like your loaves seedy and crunchy with pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, chia, quinoa, and sesame seeds
  • You enjoy nutty and hearty flavours
  • You like the taste and nutritional power of ancient grains like red fife, millet, and khorasan
  • You’re all about that fibre!

Big Red’s Bread™

This hearty loaf is built around Canada’s original heritage grain, Red Fife wheat, and packed with a total of 21 ancient grains and seeds. Flavourful and full-textured, our Organic Heritage Grain Big Red’s Bread is sure to satisfy serious appetites and sprouted whole grain connoisseurs alike.

Recipe: What to make with Big Red’s Bread?
Try our Pumpkin Spice French Toast

After following your Facebook site and reading reviews I bought a loaf of the organic Sprouted Power Heritage Grain Big Red’s Bread. So good. Perfect taste and texture toasts up beautifully.

The Queen’s Khorasan™

With subtle sweetness and crunch, the nutty taste and sophisticated texture of The Queen’s Khorasan is sure to delight the most discriminating tastebuds. This blend of sprouted ancient grain and organic seeds will make you a loyal devotee of a loaf fit for royalty.

Recipe: What to make with The Queen’s Khorasan bread?
Try our Blackberry Rhubarb Baked French Toast Casserole

We absolutely love the Queen’s Khorasan bread (all of your sprouted grain breads are great but this is superior)!! Khorasan is a region in Iran. So when my Persian husband saw that name, he was already in love with it. Keep up the great work!!

Over the Moon for Organic? Try our New Organic Breads!

All our breads are made with certified organic ingredients. A fresh expression of our commitment to making sprouted organic whole grains inviting for all, our new Organic loaves add exciting variety to the Silver Hills Sprouted Bakery bread line. These wide sprouted slices give you even more reason to reach for healthy whole grain options your family will love!

Our Products

Avocado toast quick pickled radish

Try these loaves if:

  • Certified organic options packed with healthy whole grains are at the top of your grocery list
  • You seek a happy middle between our Family Favourites and our Classics that gives you the goodness of sprouted, with a wider range of textures (without venturing too far into full-on hearty), and still certified organic
  • You crave a range of textures from soft and smooth to sophisticated and seedy-and you want your sandwiches on wide slices, too!

Farmer Fife™

The softest, smoothest slice in our new Organic line, you’ll feel the farm-grown love in every timelessly tasty bit of Farmer Fife. A delicious excuse to enjoy the product of over 175 years of Canadian farm history, Farmer Fife lets the goodness of organic sprouted whole heritage grain Red Fife wheat shine.

Oat So Lovely™

With organic oats inside and out, this Oat So Lovely slice is delicately sweetened with date syrup. But don’t let its subtle charm fool you—this high-fibre loaf packs satisfying substance that makes Oat So Lovely an irresistible delight!

Full Seed Ahead™

Your day is Full Seed Ahead with the most texture-forward variety of our new Organic breads. A celebration of seeds and sprouted whole grains, Full Seed Ahead pairs organic sprouted whole wheat with a blend of sprouted flours and whole sesame, sunflower, pumpkin, and flax seeds.

Wheat & Greet™

Your day is Full Seed Ahead with the most texture-forward variety of our new Organic breads. A celebration of seeds and sprouted whole grains, Full Seed Ahead pairs organic sprouted whole wheat with a blend of sprouted flours and whole sesame, sunflower, pumpkin, and flax seeds.

Silver Hills Sprouted Bread Reviews

For over 30 years, we’ve worked hard to make Silver Hills Sprouted Bakery breads the best sprouted grain bread you can find in stores. But don’t take our word for it—our fans say it so much better than we can.

Read real raves and reviews about Silver Hills Sprouted Power™ breads, then find out for yourself!

My child is addicted to your bread and it’s the only one he will eat.

What a joy it was to find bread with no artificial stuff and then to see it was made in a nut-free facility nearly brought me to tears. My son has a severe tree nut allergy and it is always a struggle finding product safe for him to eat. THANK YOU Silver Hills Bakery for crafting your delicious and nutritious bread.

The BEST bread. Period. Thanks for all you guys do!!!

Just wanted to say I love your bread! Ever since I discovered it, it’s the only bread I’ll buy. Squirrelly is my favourite. Thank you!

A couple of months ago, I stumbled upon your bread at my local health food store in Brooklyn, NY. And I’m hooked. Each week I’ve been buying a loaf. My favourite is the 21 Ancient Grains & Seeds. A pleasant surprise was also to see that you’re based in BC. I’m originally from Canada, as well. Quebec. Thanks for making this delicious, healthy bread.

The sprouted whole grain is AMAZING!!! My kids love it!

Love your bread! What I love about it is that it has a lot of ‘substance’ to it. It doesn’t have the texture of a yoga mat, like a lot of bread on the market these days does. It has the texture and chew that proper bread should.

Our family goes through so much of your bread it’s the only real reason I would suffer through Costco’s lineup!

Just wanted to send a note to let you know that your bread is the tastiest bread that I’ve bought in store! I recently started buying it consistently because my son who is 4 1/2 had it for lunch recently and said that was the tastiest sandwich I’ve ever eaten thank you mum! Now who could argue with that now I stock up my freezer with it especially when it goes on sale.

Little Big Bread! We get through so much of it, it’s our absolute favourite in our household and we never buy any other brand of bread. Thank you so much for these delicious and healthy options in a world where most bread is awful, tastes bad and offers no nutritional value!

Where to Find Silver Hills Bakery Sprouted Breads

Know which Silver Hills Sprouted Bakery bread is right for you? Ready to find out for yourself why so many families say our sprouted grain bread is the only bread they’ll buy? Here’s where to find our breads:

In the Bakery Aisle

In the bread section next to all the other sliced bread your favourite store carries is a good place to start—especially if you’re in British Columbia where we bake our bread.

In the Freezer

Can’t find Silver Hills sprouted bread in the bakery aisle? Check the freezer! To keep our bread as fresh as possible until you’re ready to take it home, many stores stock it in the freezer. When you take it home, leave the loaf out and enjoy as fresh for up to 9 days. Or pop it in your freezer and use slices as-needed—it’s as good as fresh for up to three months!

Find Your Best Bread in Store

Use our store locator to find a specific Silver Hills Sprouted Bakery bread in a store near you. Can’t find the loaf you love? Ask your favourite retailer to stock it!

Learn What Makes Sprouted Whole Grain Bread Better

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