What is Sprouted Bread?

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What are Sprouted Grains & What Happens When Grains Sprout?

What is Sprouted Bread? And How is it Different?

How is Sprouted Bread Made?

Article What are Sprouted Grains & What Happens When Grains Sprout?

What are Sprouted Grains?

Sometimes called germinated whole grains or malted whole grains, a sprouted whole grain is one that’s been soaked and allowed to sprout. 

When the tail of the sprout (the root or radicle) has emerged from the seed and has grown no longer than the length of the seed kernel, it’s officially considered a sprouted whole grain.1

(This is the stage we sprout our grains to before turning them into dough to make Silver Hills Bakery breads!)

What are Sprouted Grains? [Diagram of a Sprouted Grain with the Root Emerging]

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