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Which Bread is Best for You and Your Family?

Our entire Silver Hills Sprouted Bakery bread line is designed to help you reach your best health. While every bread we make is sprouted, non-GMO, made with organic ingredients, and even voluntarily tested for glyphosate (a common weed killer and probable carcinogen), they all have their own unique taste and nutritional content. Here’s how they’re different:

If You’re New to Sprouted Grains: Try Our Family Favourites

Our entry-level Organic Sprouted Power™ blended breads are soft and fluffy because they’re made with a blend of organic sprouted whole grains and organic wheat flour. They’re smooth and don’t contain many whole seeds. You could almost say these have a “secret” nutrition store that is invisible to the picky eater’s eye but still offer all of the benefits of sprouted grain bread, including better nutrient absorption and easier digestion.

These breads are right for you if:

  • You’re trying to be more health conscious and shift your eating habits, but usually eat to conventional white and whole wheat breads
  • You are on the lookout for clean, organic ingredients
  • You’re the grocery shopper of the household and usually end up buying multiple types of loaves just to please everyone
  • Aren’t used to munching on seeds and grains and prefer something smoother
  • You have kids who are picky eaters
  • You are making finger sandwiches or family-style sharing recipes for your guests
  • Want a bread for dessert recipes

Our Family Favourites: Multigrain, Soft Wheat and Cinnamon Raisin


If You Dig Sprouted Grains: Grab Silver Hills Classics

These are the breads that started it all. Our classic sprouted grain loaves are packed with seeds and grains and are health-forward, energy-boosting, and naturally sweetened. Most customers know these by their loaf names: Steady Eddie, Squirrelly, Mack’s Flax, Little Big Bread, The Big 16, Hemptation, and The King’s Bread. What makes these a step up from our Family Favourites? Their higher sprouted grain and fibre content.

You’ll love the classics if:

  • You want a healthy bread that hits all the nutrition notes and still tastes great
  • You see food as fuel for better mental focus, better energy, and steady blood-sugar levels
  • You find you feel bloated or puffy after having your usual bread
  • You want to eliminate or steady any digestion issues
  • You want to incorporate more fibre into your diet
  • You love seeds and grains: flax, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, oats, millet, barley, and hemp
  • You like your food lightly and naturally sweetened, with apple puree or raisin nectar

Our Classic loaves: Steady Eddie, The Big 16, Squirrelly, Mack’s Flax and Little Big Bread

If You Totally Love Sprouted Grains: Try Our Top-of-the-Line Loaves

Consider these loaves our premium line. These breads—Big Red’s Bread and The Queen’s Khorasan—are both packed with nutrients and bursting with flavour. The sprouted grains in these breads are unique because they are heritage whole grains and ancient grains that come to us from past generations and remain true to their original form, just like nature intended.

Dig into these loaves if:

  • Health is hands-down your number one priority
  • You like your loaves seedy and crunchy with pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, chia, quinoa, and sesame seeds
  • You enjoy nutty and hearty flavours
  • You like the taste and nutritional power of red fife, millet, and khorasan
  • You want to be at your peak energy, optimal level of focus, and have fluid, predictable digestion
  • You’re all about that fibre!

Our Premium loaves: Big Red’s Bread and The Queen’s Khorasan


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