Article Back-to-School Lunches That Won’t Bounce Back

September 17, 2019

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Silver Hills Bakery

Back-to-school means back-to-routine—including the packing of lunches for your kids. If the idea of packing lunches makes you shudder a little as a parent, you’re not alone. Because unless you’ve got a one-in-a-million kid who always eats what you send in their lunch, and has a broad foodie’s palate, most parents have plenty of experience with the dreaded lunch bounce-back.

If you’ve suffered the daily frustration of opening your kids’ lunch kit to discover some (or all) of what you packed has returned with barely a bite taken out of it, if all your attempts to coax them into eating something healthy have been thwarted by extreme pickiness or the beige food stage in general, we’re here to help.

Pack a bounce-proof* lunchbox you’ll feel good about. Not just because they’ll actually eat it (reason enough to celebrate!), but also because they’re made with healthy, nutritious ingredients to help their busy bodies grow.

* As with all things kid-related, your mileage may vary. While no one food can be totally bounce-proof for all kids, these ideas are fun boredom-busters worth testing.

All the fun of those pre-packed lunch boxes with the make-it-yourself pizza, but made from healthier ingredients, these tortilla pizzas can be just as convenient. Pack a couple of Silver Hills Sprouted Power™ Organic Whole Grain Tortillas into a small bento-style box, along with some marinara sauce, plant-based cheese shreds, and an assortment of veggies or toppings your kid will enjoy. Because the ingredients are kept separate so your kid can DIY at their desk, you can make a few of these at the beginning of the week and have them ready for those crazy mornings that call for grab-and-go goodness. (No bento box? Use a series of small containers).

For another tortilla-based twist, spread your favourite non-dairy cream cheese on our colourful Sprouted Power™ Spinach or Turmeric tortillas, sprinkle with diced peppers (or whatever diced or spiralized veggies your kid won’t make a yuck face at), top with plant-based cheese shreds, then roll, slice, and pack.

We eat with our eyes first, and kids are no exception. That’s why cutting a sandwich into shapes can make a difference. These four takes on triangle sandwiches are perfect for small hands. And when you make them with our Sprouted Power™ Organic Soft Wheat bread, they’ll have the fluffy texture kids love, with sprouted grain nutrition you’ll appreciate.

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Speaking of shapes, these simple sandwiches are a cinch to make, and are perfect for appeasing crust-averse children. While we love all parts of our bread—crust included!—some kids struggle with texture. So if the difference between a healthy lunch eaten or one returned in a single-bite bounce-back is a quick, cookie-cutter trim that leaves a fun shape with no crust, we say go for it.

To make, use two cookie cutters of the same shape, one slightly smaller than the other. Make a sandwich with nut-free butter and jam. Cut the crusts off with the large cutter, then use the smaller cutter to create a seal without cutting all the way through.

This bread-based take on the traditional celery foundation of ants on a log is sure to make them smile. Top with their favourite classroom-friendly nut-free butter, raisins, and thin slices of celery for crunch. (Kids won’t eat celery? Try apples instead!).

What’s your best bounce-proof lunchbox idea?

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