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5 Classic Sandwiches for your Workweek Lunches

When you’re on the Monday through Friday work shuffle, lunch can start to get a little monotonous. A sandwich may seem like the most obvious lunch bag choice, but we think it’s a classic, especially on our Sprouted Power™ bread. Each plant-based option has healthy ingredients to give you a boost in vitamins and minerals and provide energy to beat the afternoon slump. Here’s your week’s menu:

Monday: BLT Sandwich







Start Monday on a high note by going for that no-brainer combo of crisped veggie bacon (we used Yves), sliced tomato, and tender butter lettuce with a dollop of vegan mayo on our Sprouted Power™ Queens Ancient Grain bread.


Tuesday: Eggless Egg Salad Sandwich







There’s a great zip in our version of the eggless salad sandwich thanks to a bit of Dijon mustard and some finely chopped pickle (we recommend dill). The soft crunch of fresh sprouts rounds out this lunchtime staple on our Sprouted Power™ Multigrain bread.


Wednesday: PB&J Sandwich







Halfway through the week feels pretty sweet, and there’s no better way to drive that fact home than with the childhood combo of organic peanut butter and jam with the natural sweetness of banana. We like it on our classic Sprouted Power ™ Squirrelly bread.


Thursday: Crunchy Veggie Sandwich







The difference between a mediocre veggie sandwich and a great one is the freshness of its ingredients. We used a blend of high-water content and beloved ingredients, including bright and crunchy sweet peppers, tomatoes, butter lettuce, cucumber and avocado. Serve it on our Sprouted Power ™ Mack’s Flax bread.


Friday: Grape & Walnut Tofu Salad Sandwich







There’s something about the Waldorf sandwich that is unexpectedly delicious. The brain-boosting power of walnuts, fresh crunch of grapes and celery, and a bit of zip from Dijon mustard on our Sprouted Power™ Soft Wheat will have you hooked.


Grab your favourite loaf on Sunday and make all your lunches ahead of schedule. Use our handy store locator.

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