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Top 18 Posts of 2018

Planning for an active and healthy 2019 with friends and family? Us too. That’s why we thought we’d kick off the new year by looking back at the 18 most popular blog posts of 2018. From healthy spins on classic recipes to learning more about sprouted grains, here’s a countdown of what you liked best:

  1. How Sprouting Unlocks Powerhouse Nutrients






Naturopath Dr. Neil McKinney brings over 28 years of clinical expertise to this health-minded post, revealing the power of essential nutrients in sprouted grains and the changes he has seen in patients who eat sprouted grains.

  1. French Onion Soup






A bistro classic, we see the popularity of this delicious recipe spike during colder months. Our version is a totally plant-based alternative to the original and is served with toasted slices of hearty Big Red’s Bread and bubbling vegan cheese.

  1. What Are Sprouted Grains?







With “sprouted grains” making the rounds as the latest buzzword on health and wellness blogs or friends sharing their favourite Sprouted Power™ breads, you might still be wondering, “but whatare they?” We’ve got answers.

  1. Which Bread is Best for You and Your Family?







Did you know what we designed our entire lineup of Silver Hills Sprouted Power™ breads to help you reach your best health? Find out how each loaf differs in this blog.

  1. Carrot Harissa Spread







Garden fresh carrots and a spicy chili pepper spice come together for a balanced spread with a good amount of zip. Serve this one to friends and family who like a little heat.

  1. Easy Any-Day-of-the-Week Family Recipes







We’ve got five delicious answers to the classic question, “what’s for dinner?” The best thing about these Monday to Friday favourites: you can whip them up fast.

  1. The Ultimate Plant-Based Alpine Sandwich







Healthy eating and being active go hand in hand. As big fans of day hiking, we decided to craft the best mountain-view lunch to keep us fueled for days on the trail. Bonus: it’s the perfect size to split with your hiking buddy.

  1. Spinach & Artichoke Grilled Cheese Sandwich





We made this greens-loaded sandwich with St. Patrick’s Day in mind, but we love adding some nutrient-rich spinach and tasty artichokes to a warming grilled cheese any time of year.

  1. Chickpea Fajitas







Bright bell peppers, zucchini, and red onion added a vitamin-loaded burst of colour to this protein-packed meal made with our Organic Sprouted Power™ Whole Grain tortillas.

  1. Clean Cream Cheese







Whether you prefer your cashew cream cheese sweet with fresh fruit or savoury with veggies and herbs, our gut-friendly version is perfect on your favourite Sprouted Power™ bagel.

  1. Sprouted Bread Crumbs






Classic and versatile, our sprouted bread crumbs are made in just three basic steps and are a great addition to casseroles, salads, holiday dishes, desserts, and more.

  1. Artichoke and Sun-dried Tomato Tapenade







Full of protein and fibre, this quick and easy tapenade proves that artichokes make a tasty bite that goes far beyond spinach dip.

  1. Breakfast Sandwich






Vegan eggs and a savoury plant-based breakfast sausage, plus the classic lettuce and tomato toppings make this morning bagelwich a tasty start to the day.

  1. Rhubarb Hibiscus Butter






This small-batch fruit butter adds a delicate sweetness to your favourite Sprouted Power™ toasts, great in warmer weather or anytime you need a little pick-me-up.

  1. Carrot Marmalade






A fun and healthy take on traditional marmalade, this bright spread is chock-full of immune-boosting beta carotene without a trace of bitterness.

  1. Are Sprouted Grains Good for You?







From scientific findings to word-of-mouth health success to endorsement from registered dieticians, there are a lot of reasons we believe that Mother Nature’s genius invention of sprouted grains are good source of energy and nutrition.

  1. Roast Garlic & White Bean Dip






Boost immunity and improve your circulation with a bulb of zippy garlic mixed with high-fibre white beans. Great for sandwich bases, savoury toast or bagels, and dipping veggies.

  1. Very Cherry Mason Jar Layered Salad







Light and refreshing yet filling, this beautifully-layered salad hits the sweet spot on protein, fibre, and hearty fullness. (No wonder it topped the list of favourite posts this year.)


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