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Are Sprouted Grains Good for You?

In a word: yes. We see sprouted grains as a steadfast source of energy, nutrition, and health—that’s why we craft all of our Silver Hills Sprouted Power™ breads, buns, bagels, and tortillas from them. Why do we think they’re better than just whole grains? Here are a few reasons sprouted grains are healthy and good for you:

Mother Nature Invented Them

We believe in eating non-GMO, organic whole foods, the way Mother Nature intended. Call us biased, but we think sprouting is one of her best inventions. Sprouted seeds absorb moisture naturally from the climate and begin to germinate as part of their usual growth process. During this time of new growth, starches in the grain are broken down, increasing the grain’s nutrient content. The moisture absorbed into the seeds also helps break down a common digestive inhibitor, phytic acid, and reduces gluten content. This means your body is able to absorb more nutrients and digest them easier.

Scientific Findings

Sprouted grains’ nutritional content is similar to that of whole grains, but according to analysis by the Department of Agriculture, sprouted grains contain roughly 75% of the carbohydrates of regular whole grains, slightly more protein, and only 40% of the fat of whole grains. The Whole Grains Council maintains a web page dedicated to recent scientific findings on sprouted grains’ many health benefits, including decreased blood pressure, more stable blood-sugar levels, decreased cardiovascular risk, improved post-partum nursing, and better digestibility, among others.

Word of Mouth

Ask friends who have switched from conventional breads and wraps to sprouted grains, and you might hear them bragging about improved energy levels, less brain fog and lethargy, better digestion, and easier bowel movements. Many people with gluten sensitivity (not people with celiac disease) also find that while they cannot digest conventional breads, they feel good after eating sprouted grains. Sprouted grains are also considered a source of “good carbohydrates” amongst people following specific diets that limit carbohydrate intake, including diabetics or ketogenic diet devotees.

Beloved by Health Experts

You might also hear registered dieticians and nutritionists who favor sprouted grains for their increased soluble fibre and higher vitamin B and C levels, which are easier for your body to absorb. We can say first hand that during a recent visit with a dietician at Vancouver Coastal Health that empty Silver Hills Sprouted Power™ packaging was sitting on a desk and later recommended to a Silver Hills staffer with suspected IBS.

Long story short, sprouted grains have many health benefits. Including them in your regular home cooking is a great place to start and see for yourself.

Convinced? Find your sprouted grain bread match or find your nearest store to try them.

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