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December 24, 2019

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From recipes and recipe round-ups to articles, our fans and readers told us which content they loved most in 2019 with their clicks, likes, comments, and the time they took out of their full lives to take it all in.

We’re humbled by your comments, feedback, and every minute of precious time you choose to spend with us. Thank you. Cheers to another year and the opportunity to help nourish your body and mind with sprouted bread and inspiration.

And now, in case you missed it, here are our 19 most popular recipes, recipe round-ups, and articles of 2019.

Top 7 Recipes of 2019

Seven recipes made our Top 19 Posts of 2019 list, covering a full range of meals with healthy, plant-based options the whole family will love.

While this weeknight-wonderful recipe was only shared in September, our Mexi-Lasagna is the recipe our readers spent the most time with all year! (We can see why—it was one of the most popular recipes we’ve taste-tested at the office this year, too). A true comfort food casserole, this recipe’s Tex-Mex flavours is worth adding to your dinner recipe rotation.

Lunch-ready with layers of crunchy, creamy, sweet, and savoury, this mason jar salad earned its way into the top recipes of the year on its own merit.

The second of three Mexican and Tex-Mex-inspired recipes to make our top 7, this spicy, hearty, veggie-topped burger is packed with plant-based protein that satisfies no matter what time of the year you make it.

These half-tortilla handfuls are perfect for small hands, party snacks, or served in multiples for hungry diners. Plenty of veggies and fun flavour make our Veggie Taco Cups the third Mexican and Tex-Mex-inspired recipe to win a spot on our best of 2019 list.

Nutritionally-gifted and fantastically flexible cauliflower pairs with protein-rich quinoa to make this the second of two burgers to grace our list of the top recipes of 2019. Pan-searing our plant-based Cauli-burger means you don’t have to wait for barbeque season to taste summer again.

While breakfast for dinner is a perennial favourite, lunch for breakfast is a rule-bender that’s proven popular this year, too. Whether you grill it in a traditional skillet, or bust out your waffle iron for bonus points, this warm, savoury sandwich offers a perfect start to your day.

No best-of recipes list would be complete without dessert, and our Easy Apple Rhubarb Betty made the grade with our fans as Silver Hills Bakery’s most popular dessert recipe of 2019. Simple enough to satisfy a small-scale sweet craving, but delicious enough to serve to guests, this recipe is a year-round favourite.

Top 4 Recipe Round-ups of 2019

Carefully curated collections designed to inspire, our recipe round-ups gather our best recipes around universal themes and occasions. Whether we’re helping you plan a memorable Thanksgiving, celebrate summer long weekends, or pack bounce-proof back-to-school lunches for your family, our Top 19 Posts of 2019 include four of the recipe round-ups that resonated most with readers this year.

Presented as a brunch-through-dessert all-day menu, this collection of recipes invites you to pick and choose holiday-worthy recipes to help you share the gift of health with your family and friends. Whether they celebrated Thanksgiving in October or November, our readers spent the more time with this round-up than any other, making it our most popular recipe round-up of 2019. (Love Pinterest? Pin it for next year to take a load off planning!)

Gathered ahead of the May long weekend to help you kick off summer in style, these nine homemade veggie burgers give you a full spectrum of plant-based flavours and textures to keep you and your guests entertained all season long.

We might be biased, but we don’t believe bread boredom or sandwich stagnation are possible when you’ve got a wealth of delicious sprouted bread to work with. This popular recipe round-up showcases six of our marketing team’s favourite sandwich recipes to help you stay inspired.

Most parents have plenty of experience with the dreaded lunch bounce-back. Our well-liked round-up of kid-friendly lunch ideas gives you healthy options to help you survive the beige food stage and coax even the pickiest eater into eating lunches packed with nutritious ingredients to help they’re busy bodies grow.

Top 8 Blog Posts of 2019

Investing in your health takes more than a steady stream of delicious recipes—that’s where a good read comes in. From helpful tips to help you and your family eat better, to articles on how to harness nutrition to find the energy to take on your full life, and inspiring stories about the power of starting small, our list of the Top 19 Posts of 2019 includes eight blog posts our fans found worth reading.

With four lunch packing strategies to help you navigate a family full of different wants, needs, and schedules, this quick read helped our fans discover tools to tackle one of the most daunting weeknight tasks.

Even when your weekday mornings don’t include time for french toast, with a little planning, you can still fill up with an energizing breakfast to fuel your full day ahead. These tips and tricks for kicking off mornings right gave our readers five good reasons to scroll to the bottom of this article.

We don’t spend much time talking about ourselves, so we’re flattered that our post about what we’ve learned from 30 years in the sprouted bread business is the story our readers spent the most time with in 2019. We’re grateful for so much—including the opportunity to share our experiences, our passion for health, and the power of starting small.

If the popularity of this post is any indication, the dreaded 3pm slump is a struggle for many. Our list of eight tips gives you small but achievable strategies for making mid-afternoon more bearable.

2019 brought Canadians into a new era of official nutritional guidance, replacing the four food groups with a plate half full of fresh fruits and veggies—and a quarter each reserved for whole grains and proteins. The popularity of our post about the changes suggests we’re not alone in welcoming the long-awaited overhaul of the Canada Food Guide, and its new emphasis on plant-based whole foods as the cornerstone of healthy eating.

A commitment to investing in your health includes activity and eating well. We wrote this frequently-read article for the everyday athlete, to help make the connection between nutrition and performance, no matter what you’re training for.

Readers who love bread, but want to branch out from everyday toast and same-old sandwiches turned to this popular post for seven next-level tips and plenty of fresh ideas for using our sprouted breads.

Last, but certainly not least, our 19th most popular post of 2019 answers one of our most frequently asked customer questions: Why is Silver Hills Sprouted bread better? We give five great reasons why sprouted bread is a better choice for your family.

We used our curiosity and the wonders of technology to learn what you love, but it’s more than just an excuse to wrap up the year by reflecting on the positives. We’ll use this insight to create better, more useful, and more relevant articles, recipes and more for you in 2020.

What themes, topics, and types of content would you like to see more of from Silver Hills Bakery in 2020? Drop us a comment on your favourite social channel and let us know!

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