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There’s a Hummus For That! (5 Hummus Recipes You’ll Love)

Hankering for a healthy nosh? Whether you crave tangy, savoury, or spicy—we’ve got hummus recipes for that! Rise and shine to a zesty hummus bagel… Read More

Recipe Roundup: 5 Non-Traditional Toast Toppers

Don’t get us wrong—we love traditional toast toppers as much as anyone. Tried-and-true peanut butter and summer-sweet jam we can barely resist eating straight from… Read More

Orange Cranberry Chia Relish

Don’t settle for serving cliched canned cranberry sauce when you can wow your guests with a made-from-scratch Orange Cranberry Chia Relish that will tantalize their… Read More

Fresh and Oil-Free Edamame Spread

A good spread goes beyond just a toast topper (although we love this one on our Sprouted Power Omegamazing™ bread). Swap this fresh and smooth… Read More

Artichoke & Sun-dried Tomato Tapenade

Artichokes are far more versatile for pairing compared to a spinach dip. This quick and easy tapenade is full of fibre and protein, making it… Read More

Curried Hemp Hummus

Give humble hummus all the flavour of your favourite creamy curry with help from a few pantry staples. Our Curried Hemp Hummus recipe is a… Read More

Carrot Harissa Spread

Ready for some plant-powered zip? We grabbed harissa, a hot chili pepper blend dating back to 16th century Tunisia, to make a vegan spread for… Read More

Rhubarb Hibiscus Butter

Lightly sweet and tart with delicate floral notes, this small batch fruit butter captures all the flavourful lightness of spring in a jar! Naturally sweetened… Read More

Roasted Garlic & White Bean Dip

Garlic is worth celebrating all year long—not just for Garlic Month. Minced or crushed, sautéed or raw, this versatile bulb brings its unmistakably bold flavour… Read More

Carrot Marmalade

Looking for a bright, uplifting start to the day? Enjoy a fun twist on traditional marmalade with an unexpectedly delightful star ingredient—carrots. As well as… Read More