Article Recipe Roundup: 5 Non-Traditional Toast Toppers

February 26, 2020

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Silver Hills Bakery

Don’t get us wrong—we love traditional toast toppers as much as anyone. Tried-and-true peanut butter and summer-sweet jam we can barely resist eating straight from the jar are classic! But when there are as many directions to take toast as there are people to pop a simple slice of bread in the toaster, why stop at PB & J?

Whether you’re celebrating #NationalToastDay, or trying something new for #ToastTuesday, these 5 non-traditional toast toppers give you plenty of sweet and savoury options to add to your repertoire.

Mexican Hot Chocolate Spread

Mexican Hot Chocolate Spread

The can’t-go-wrong versatility of this creamy, chocolatey spread leaves plenty of room for you to make it as spicy or as sweet as your heart desires. Use this base to experiment with new and nifty nut (or nut-free) butters. Or double the dark chocolate to satisfy serious cocoa cravings. However you customize it, slather your favourite toast with this easy-to-make spread and serve it to someone you love…starting with you!

Cream Cheese Toast

Clean Cream Cheese

Our dairy-free, soy-free recipe swings from savoury to sweet to add extra creaminess to whatever you pair it with. One of our surprising favourites? Avocado. Because we can’t think of a good reason not to double-down on healthy, plant-based fats. (We like to contrast that creaminess with sliced ripe tomatoes, sprouts, and herbs, and the grainy goodness of toasted Organic 20 Grain Train™). Use our Clean Cream Cheese straight-up with toppings. Or blend in other savoury options like sun-dried tomatoes, roasted beets, or a lemon-dill-and-capers combo. Need to satisfy your sweet tooth? Mix it up with in-season strawberries or blueberries, or whip in some zip with lemon zest. Whatever direction you take this deliciously adaptable toast topper, it’s sure to tickle your tastebuds.

Ricotta Toast

Cashew Ricotta

Versatile, creamy, and easy-peasy, our Cashew Ricotta recipe is the perfect plant-based pairing for sliced plums or peaches any time of year. Whether it’s plum season or #ToastTuesday, you don’t need much of an excuse to try this sweet combo atop your favourite toast. Try our make-in-minutes dairy and soy-free ricotta recipe today.

Lemon hemp Hummas Toast

Zesty Lemon Hemp Hummus

Pile on the flavour (and some extra protein) by adding a generous layer of Zesty Lemon Hemp Hummus to your avocado toast. The bright zip of lemon is the perfect complement to the rich earthiness chickpeas and the creaminess of hemp hearts. Add some contrast with a mound of fresh, crunchy alfalfa sprouts, and pair it with a seed-filled slice of Squirrelly Bread™ for a truly sophisticated avocado toast experience.

Avocado Hummus Toast

Avocado White Bean Hummus

If topping your toast with hummus and avocado doesn’t express your love of these two creamy ingredients nearly enough, why not marry them in an all-in-one wonder spread? This twist on traditional hummus uses white beans instead of chickpeas to keep things fresh. Crown this toast topper with radishes, arugula, and celery leaves to add a spectrum of subtle spice and bitter greens that will transform the way you think about humble ingredients forever.

What are your favourite unconventional toast toppers?

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