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October 14, 2021

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A nutritious and delicious snack that gives you long-lasting energy is easier—and faster— than you’d think. With our 5 Easy Healthy Snack Toast Ideas, you can create a healthy, satisfying snack for you and your kids in just a few minutes. All from fridge and pantry staples you probably already have in your kitchen.

Start with Sprouted Toast

Start by toasting a slice of your favourite Silver Hills Bakery sprouted whole grain bread. Sprouted whole grains are naturally packed with slow-burning carbs and a satisfying combo of plant-based protein and fibre to help you feel full and stay satisfied between meals. On its own, a slice or two of sprouted whole grain toast is a snack you can feel good about devouring (and feeding your kids) any day of the week. But paired with simple toppings like sliced fruit, protein-rich nut butter or hummus, or mashed avocado filled with healthy fats, your tasty toast snack can keep you going for hours.

For more information on the benefits of sprouted grains and how to make your meals more satisfying, check out this article from one of our partnered registered dietitians, Desiree Nielsen RD.

Mix and Match Toast Toppings

Now that you have your slice of sprouted grain toast, you can mix and match whatever toppings you desire. Classics like our Squirrelly Bread and Organic Soft Wheat work with just about every topping and are a fan favourite in many households. Need inspiration? Here are a few healthy toast topper ideas to get you started.

Raspberry Chia Jam

Raspberry Chia Jam

Jam on toast is a kid-friendly classic. But how can it be healthy when most store-bought jams have high levels of sugar? Enter our Raspberry Chia Jam recipe—it’s naturally sweetened and can be made easily ahead of time with just 4 ingredients. (And you can make it all year long from frozen raspberries!). Pair it with your favourite nut or nut-free butter for a satisfying snack toast.

Nut Butter & Banana

Peanut butter and bananas fit the bill of nutritious and delicious, but you can use just about any nut butter you have in your pantry. Don’t be afraid to switch up the fruit topping too—thinly sliced apples or sliced strawberries would make an excellent pairing here. This is a true mix and match that you can customize to suit any taste—meaning it’s one the kids will definitely enjoy (without making you feel like a short order cook). No recipe required.

how to make avocado toast for beginners

Avocado Toast

A tasty toast topper that works for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snack, Avocado toast is an easy to make meal that satisfies any time of day. If you’re new to avocado toast or just want an easy, tasty, healthy recipe you can trust. Check out our How to Make Avocado Toast for Beginners blog. It covers how to pick the perfect avocado, avocado safety, and the health benefits of avocado toast. Tip: if you want to level up the flavour of your avocado toast, sprinkle some everything bagel seasoning on top, or add some chilli flakes and a dash of salt for a little kick.

Hummus & Sunflower Seeds

Spread hummus on a toasted slice of Silver Hills Bakery bread and top with your favourite seeds for a crunchy, satisfying contrast. Here we used sesame and sunflower seeds, but use what you’ve got! Homemade hummus or store-bought doesn’t matter here—either way, it’s a speedy, spreadable source of plant-based protein that makes this snack toast sing. Pair your hummus toast with a few carrots and celery on the side and you’ll have a healthy satisfying snack that’s ready in minutes.

Creamy Chocolate Hazelnut Spread

Chocolate Hazelnut Spread

Sometimes a healthy snack can step in to save the day when you (or your kids) are craving a decadent chocolate treat. Unlike the store-bought stuff, our Chocolate Hazelnut spread is naturally sweetened with maple syrup so you control the sugar. Although this recipe works best when made ahead, it makes up for it by being an easy one to follow. And we can attest, it is certainly worth the delayed gratification.

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