Recipe Easy 10-Minute Toaster Quesadillas Three Ways

September 24, 2020

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Silver Hills Bakery

Toaster quesadillas are trending in the kitchen, and it’s a time and dish-saving healthy hack that we can get behind! We’re sharing toaster quesadillas three ways, loaded with plant-based ingredients and folded into our sprouted whole grain tortillas.

We know what you’re thinking: won’t an ooey-gooey quesadilla make for an icky-sticky toaster? The hack here is all in how you fold the tortilla. Keeping the fillings away from the edges, you’ll want to fold the quesadilla into a pocket and load them into the toaster open-end on top. This will keep all the deliciousness inside of the tortilla and off of your toaster.

We have three toaster quesadillas to get you started: bean and cheese, cheese, and pizza variations. In any of these recipes, the family can choose their favourite tortilla flavour and customize the fillings as they prefer (great for picky eaters!). Ready in 10 minutes or less, this afterschool snack or weeknight meal is quick to make, easy to clean, and deliciously nutritious!

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For the Bean and Cheese Variation:

For the Cheese Variation:

For the Pizza Variation:


General Toaster Quesadilla Technique:

  1. Fold the tortilla up so the edges meet, and then fold each side in towards the centre to create a little pocket.
  2. Pop that pocket into the toaster and toast on the medium setting (3/4) until crisp. (The cheese will be melty, but don’t worry about it oozing out and making a mess of your toaster.)
    Step-by-Step: How to make toaster quesadillas in under 10 minutes with sprouted whole grain tortillas

For the Bean and Cheese Variation:

  1. Spread on a small amount of beans on half of the tortilla allowing for a ½ inch edge without beans.
  2. Add bell pepper slices and an even sprinkle of vegan cheese shreds over top.
    Quesadilla Made by Silver Hills Wraps

For the Cheese Variation:

  1. Cut cheese slices to fit half of the tortilla and place on the tortilla.
    Toaster Quesadilla with simple cheese filling

For the Pizza Variation:

  1. Spread a small, even amount of sauce on half of the tortilla allowing for a ½ inch edge without sauce.
  2. Add 3 – 5 vegan pepperoni slices to each tortilla, dependent on pepperoni size, and a slice of cheese (cut to fit if need be).
    Pizza Variation: Toaster Quesadillas 3 Ways

Try these handy tips!

  • Yes, these can be made in a toaster oven, too! Just put them folded-side down on the baking sheet and toast.
  • Get kids cooking in the kitchen with this easy-to-make meal. Older kids can make toaster quesadillas themselves as an afterschool snack or a self-serve lunch. Younger kids can help spread toppings but should have toaster supervision.

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