Article 5 After-School-Easy Healthy Snacks for Kids

Fast, easy snack ideas to tide them over until dinner time

February 18, 2021

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Silver Hills Bakery

First comes the school bell. Then comes every parent’s favourite question, “Can I have a snack?” Our 5 After-School-Easy Healthy Snacks for Kids give you fast, easy snack ideas that balance just the right amount of filling to tide them over until dinnertime with ingredients you can feel good about.

But this collection of fast, fun, healthy snacks isn’t just for kids—your whole family will love these nutritious morsels after school, after work, and on weekends, too! Make them a snacktivity by inviting kids to eat with their hands with our DIY Sandwich Skewers or Vegan Pizza Cups. Or try two types of cheese toast—one kid-friendly and one that’s slightly more sophisticated—with the same base ingredients and the same under-10-minute timeline!

With our 5 After-School-Easy Healthy Snacks for Kids, snacking just got a whole lot more simple (and delicious!).

Kid-Friendly DIY Sandwich Skewers

Kid-Friendly DIY Sandwich Skewers

It’s unanimous: kids love eating with their hands! Why not invite them to do just that with our Kid-Friendly DIY Sandwich Skewers?! Perfect as an easy healthy snack after school or scaled up for a fuss-free weekend lunch, this recipe is just as fun as it is delicious. We have three skewers to get you started: Peanut Butter Strawberry Banana, Vegan BLT, and Cheesy Tempeh Tortillas. The options are endless though, so get creative with ingredients your kids like and what you have in the house—then let everyone dream up their own combinations for snacking bliss.

Veggie taco cups

Veggie Taco Cups

What’s better than veggie tacos? Adorable, snackable veggie tacos in muffin cups! This fun, easy snack isn’t just healthy. It’s perfectly portioned for kids! Working well as after school snack, packable leftover, dinner entrée, or weekend appie for older kids with bigger appetites, these plant-based taco cups do it all. Using our Organic Sprouted Power™ Whole Grain tortillas, crumbly veggie ground, diced veggies, and melty plant-based cheese, these taco cups are baked in a muffin tin to create a perfect hand-held snack for kids of all ages.

Vegan Pizza Cups

When the moon hits the sky like a vegan pizza cup pie—that’s an after school snack! Say ‘ciao!’ to bread crusts*, and ‘hello!’ to another way to make healthy snack-time magic with muffin tins. Place flattened slices of our Little Big Bread (or your family’s favourite Silver Hills Sprouted bread) in a lightly greased muffin tin. Then invite the kids to load these mini bread cups up with pizza sauce or pesto, diced veggies, non-dairy cheese, and any other healthy pizza-inspired toppings you have on hand. Bake until melty, let cool, and smile as the kids indulge in this fun, healthy, hand-held vegan pizza snack!

*Wait! Don’t toss those crusts—freeze them for the next time you need breadcrumbs!

How-to: Make Toaster Quesadillas 3 Ways with Sprouted Whole Grain Tortillas

Easy 10-minute Toaster Quesadillas Three Ways

The kids want a snack. You want more time in the day. And we have a DIY toaster tip you’ll all love! Our Easy 10-Minute Toaster Quesadillas are a time and dish-saving healthy hack that simply calls for your favourite Sprouted Hills Bakery tortillas, non-dairy cheese, a toaster, and healthy ingredients your kids crave from the fridge and pantry. Place ingredients away from the tortilla edges, fold the quesadilla into a pocket and load it into the toaster open-end on top. Toast. Serve. Repeat tomorrow!

Side-by-Side: Easy Cheese Toast Recipes on Sprouted Whole Grain Bread for Grown-ups and Kids to Enjoy at Home

Cheese Toast 2 Ways:
Recipes for Lunch at Home

Cheese toast is the perfect snack for any time of day! These two versatile recipes use the same base ingredients—and take about the same amount of time to make, side-by-side. Choose one or make both. These are an easy, cheesy, family-pleasing snack for all! Younger kids will love the simplicity of our dippable roll-up sandwiches. And moms, dads, and more adventurous pre-teens and teens will love our grown-up Cheese Toast with Zucchini Ribbons instead.

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