Article There’s a Hummus For That! (5 Hummus Recipes You’ll Love)

May 13, 2020

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Silver Hills Bakery

Hankering for a healthy nosh? Whether you crave tangy, savoury, or spicy—we’ve got hummus recipes for that! Rise and shine to a zesty hummus bagel topper. Decker-up a sandwich with a slather of tangy hummus spread. Dig into a creamy hummus dip with toasted tortilla wedges. Hummus is a go-to, high-protein treat with oodles of options. Power up your hummus snack with nutrient-rich sprouted grains. All the ingredients are ready and waiting in your pantry and fridge. Try one of our top 5 hummus recipes today!

Zesty Lemon Hemp Hummus recipe

Zesty Lemon Hemp Hummus and Veg Wrap

A sunshiny treat for your taste buds with a piquant pop in every bite. High-protein hemp hearts and creamy chickpeas get a bright kick of lemon zest and zing. Spread this nutrient dense hummus on a Spinach or Turmeric Organic Sprouted Power™ Tortilla. Pile high with your favourite fresh veggies and … that’s a wrap!

Avocado Hummus

Avocado Hummus

Creamy and flavourful with healthy fats, avocados ought to take a bow. Bravo to this hummus recipe that pairs avocados and puréed navy beans. Protein-packed and oil-free, this smooth combo is a luscious delight. Spread this scrumptious hummus on our Squirrelly Bread™. Sprouted sesame and sunflower seeds provide a high-fibre boost and more crunchy nuttiness. Double-up on this recipe for a healthful late-night snack. Encore!

Roasted Beet and White Bean Hummus Recipe

Beet and White Bean Hummus

Bold, rich, and vibrant, this hummus is a tasty crowd-pleaser. Roasted red beets and creamy white beans make up the base. Garlic and nut butter enhance the earthy flavour profile. A lemony zip brings even more complexity to this protein-rich hummus. Elevate a tray of crisp veggies with this colourful and delectable dip. No guests to impress tonight? Treat yourself. Toast our Sprouted Power Organic Multigrain bread. Heap on a generous spoonful or two of hummus and devour like no one’s watching.

Lemon Cucumber Toast with Dill Hummus

Dill Hummus on Lemon Cucumber Toast

(from influencer Natural Girl Modern World )

This refreshing hummus is a breeze to prepare. No dillydallying, just straight-up upgrades to store-bought hummus. Mix chopped fresh dill in the hummus. Slice a cool cucumber into dainty thin ribbons. Dress the cucumber with a squeeze of lemon and drizzle of oil. Spread a toasted slice of Silver Hills Bakery’s The Big 16™ high-fibre bread with the hummus. Top with the cucumber ribbons and season with dill and a dash of chili flakes for an extra punch. It’s that simple. It’s that delicious.

Curry Hemp Hummus

Curried Hemp Hummus

Mouth-watering curried hemp hummus will take your sandwich to bold new heights. The hummus journey begins with protein-rich chickpeas and hemp hearts. An earthy fusion of turmeric and curry spice turns exotic with coconut milk and garlic. This high-energy hummus with savoury spices will kick-start your next adventure from the comfort of home.

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