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June 19, 2019

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Silver Hills Bakery

Summertime is the perfect time for packing up the car and hitting the road. With the right blend of preparation and spontaneity, road trips mean journeys as memorable as their destinations and more. But road trips come with their shares of hazards, too…not least when it comes to mealtimes. Make the most of roads less travelled and avoid fast food diet pitfalls with these simple, on-the-go recipe ideas the whole family will love.

You don’t need to get fancy to be fabulous. Add slices of fresh banana and strawberries to good old-fashioned PB & J on one of our Sesame Sunflower Bagels to capture the joyful wonder of childhood with elevated healthy flavour.

sweet potato mason jar salad

Don’t leave the house without these versatile beauties! Hearty vegetables, crisp greens, crunchy nuts and seeds, melded with creamy avocado dressing and topped with Organic Sprouted Power™Multigrain croutons: these meals-in-a-jar are brimming with antioxidants and nutrients.

cherry mason jar salad

The best road trips take the best detours…Mason jar salads make for hearty, healthy meals with endless variety. Try stacking cubed baked tofu and pitted cherries with your greens, or choose your own selected favourites, topped with croutons made from our sprouted grain Steady Eddie bread.

Roadside or beachside, all you need are the basics to throw together a quick, fresh protein-packed lemon-hemp hummus. Simply spread on your favourite Organic Sprouted Power™ tortilla with a layer of fresh vegetables and savour the summery goodness.

Make meals a nutritious fiesta with our Sprouted Power™whole grain tortillas! Prep a container of mexi-style ingredients like peppers, onion and corn, before heading out; or, slice, wrap and roll wherever you go.

Keep your energy levels from dipping with this high-fibre, low-fat, zesty spread that boasts all the flavour of roasted garlic! Top with crisp, colourful veggies on one of our certified organic, sprouted bagels. Get the Roasted Garlic & White Bean Dip recipe here.

Hours of travel can be unsettling at times for even the most adventurous spirits. Featuring gut-healing kimchi, cool cucumber slices, creamy avocado and fresh, crisp sprouts on our hearty Big 16 Sprouted Power bread, this delectable sandwich will tame your tummy to blissful satisfaction.

Our Sprouted Power™Big 16 bread will help ensure you make the most of every mile. Try an energy-packed sandwich: layer sliced grilled tempeh and crunchy veggies over homemade white bean spread.

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