Article 5 Easy Plant-Based Camping Meals for Families

Camping breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner, and dessert—solved

June 07, 2021

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Hiking and adventuring in the great outdoors calls for satisfying healthy food to keep your family fuelled from sunrise to stargazing. Whether you’re planning for a family excursion or simply camping in your own backyard, packing family-friendly meals for camping can be a challenge. Healthy camping food needs to be easily portable, simple to make, satisfying, and most importantly, nutritious.

One of the best ways to fuel your family’s outdoor activities is with the sustainable energy of sprouted whole grains. Silver Hills Bakery Sprouted Whole Grain products offer long-lasting energy and high-level nutrition, so you don’t have to trade convenience and portability for healthy ingredients.

We’ve put together the perfect list of 5 easy, plant-based, make-ahead camping meals, perfect for your next family camping experience. A little creativity and pre-planning can turn everyday recipes into perfect camping fare. Breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner? Solved. Rounded off with an easy, healthy(er!) take on a classic camping dessert. Your family will be fuelled up for however you choose to enjoy the great outdoors.

On top of being healthy, easy make-ahead camping meals like these cut down on packaging, too. Meal-prepping this portable spread leaves less garbage from overly processed and packaged foods. (Although, these meals are better suited to car camping or short camping trips to provincial or state campgrounds. (We know large expeditions into the wilderness make mason jars and family-sized coolers a little impractical to pack and carry!)).

Breakfast That’s Ready When You Are

Deconstructed Breakfast Burrito

Make Ahead and Freeze:
The Campground Breakfast Burrito

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day—especially when you need fuel for all of your camping activities.

Easily make these Breakfast Burritos at home so you’ve got your first morning meal of your camping trip covered! Simply wrap the ingredients in a Silver Hills sprouted whole grain tortilla, then in foil and place them in the freezer. Pop the frozen burritos in your cooler when you hit the road and when you’re ready to eat, simply defrost, and reheat over the camping stove or fire for a quick and healthy camping breakfast.

Camping Lunch To-Go

cherry mason jar salad

Cherry Mason Jar Salad

This mason jar salad is perfect for when you leave in the morning and arrive at your campsite the moment that lunch-time hunger kicks in.

Prepare this light and refreshing salad ahead of time. It makes for a quick, portable, healthy lunch, perfect for camping, a picnic, beach day, or enjoying your own backyard. You could even make part of the salad ahead and stop at a roadside fruit stand to pick up some fresh sun-ripened cherries on the way.

Stay energized all day thanks to protein from the tofu, fibre from the veggies, a hearty fullness from the croutons, and a touch of sweetness from the cherries.

A Delicious Dinner Enjoyed Outside

How-to: Make Toaster Quesadillas 3 Ways with Sprouted Whole Grain Tortillas

Camp-Stove-Ready Quesadillas

All you need is a roll of aluminum foil to turn our 10-minute Toaster Quesadillas into an equally fast and easy camping dinner. We have three quesadillas to get you started: bean and cheese, cheese, and pizza variations. In any of these recipes, your family can choose their favourite tortilla flavour and customize the fillings as they prefer (great for picky eaters!).

To turn this toaster trick into a campfire-ready dinner, wrap your quesadillas in foil and cook them over a campfire or camp-stove grill for 3 to 5 minutes, or until the cheese is melted. A perfect camping meal that’s quick to make, easy to clean, and deliciously nutritious!

Delectable Camping Desserts

Smore’s bagel

S’mores Bagel

Excite your sweet tooth in a healthier way with this less-mess twist on a camping classic. Change out those crumbly graham crackers for a bagel, and replace the messy, melted chocolate with our Creamy Chocolate Hazelnut Spread. Toast your marshmallows over a campfire or grill, put it all together, and the whole family will be asking for s’more.

A Silver Hills Bakery sprouted whole grain bagel provides a healthier, low-sugar vessel for the chocolatey marshmallow goodness. Find this tasty how-to on our Pizza Bagels 3 Ways page.


Kid-Friendly DIY Sandwich Skewers

Kid Friendly DIY Sandwich Skewers

No matter if you’re camping in your own backyard, or preparing for your next picnic, beach day, or expedition, our Kid-Friendly DIY Sandwich Skewers make for a healthy, versatile snack, perfect for all ages. Change up the same-old by sharing food in different shapes and sizes and inviting kids to eat with their hands. Served with a side sauce, kids and adults alike can dip and dunk these skewers for a full finger-food experience.

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