Recipe How to Make Healthy Cookie Cutter Window Sandwiches—Fast!

4 fun and easy sandwich ideas for kids!

December 09, 2022

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Silver Hills Bakery

Say goodbye to boring snacks and transform basic sandwiches into something special with our fast, fun, and easy recipe for Healthy Cookie Cutter Window Sandwiches! These adorable morsels are perfect for tea party playdates, teddy bear picnics, birthday parties, after-school hangouts, and holidays with your family!

And they couldn’t be easier to make! Bust out the cookie cutters, add fun and flair to simple sandwiches, and turn an everyday dish into one fit for special occasions. Get festive with the Fairy Bread version. Indulge in healthy sweetness with our Linzer Cookie inspired option. Elevate avocado toast for afternoon tea. There’s a whole world of window sandwich possibilities!

Kitchen Fun with the Kids

Invite the kids into the kitchen! Whether you’re making these for a causal playdate with your child’s bestie or for a birthday party, when kids get in on the DIY, they experience the joy of creating healthy food to share with friends and family.

Don’t Let a Crumb Go to Waste!

Leaving half a slice of bread behind for the sake of a shaped sandwich would be wasteful. So collect all your off-cuts and freeze them to make mealtime magic another day!

Turn them into sprouted breadcrumbs and use them to batter up your favourite veggies, bind plant-based patties and meatballs, or bake a batch of sprouted breadcrumb cookies! They’re super versatile and a great way to sneak in some extra whole grains! Make breadcrumbs now and freeze for when you need a half cup of crumb crust or hold-together power next—or freeze the off-cuts and make crumbs later.

Or how about some garlicky croutons? You can find the how-to alongside this classic Caesar salad recipe—but that’s not the only dish improved by crunchy croutons! However you season them, sprouted croutons are perfect for adding substance and texture to any salad—including our flavour- and veggie-packed kid-friendly Mix-and-Match Rainbow Salad! (And they’re good on soups, too!)

Ready, Set, Window Sandwich!

After a long day full of to-dos, getting your family fed is more important than presentation. But healthy meals for busy families don’t have to be plain. And entertaining with food doesn’t have to be a formal, all-day affair.

Our Healthy Cookie Cutter Window Sandwiches make it easy to whip up a snack for unexpected guests, serve up a smile on a rainy weekend, or add a light—and light-hearted—appetizer to any party menu. Whatever the occasion, the four picky-eater-proof Cookie Cutter Window Sandwich ideas ahead are just the beginning. Flex your family’s creative muscles and create your own window sandwich inventions!

Avocado Lemon Window Sandwich

Smooth creamy avocado gets a touch of tartness from lemon (and stays green for serving!). This easy avocado toast inspired snack is sure to the spot all day, any day!

Fairy Bread Window Sandwich

Whimsical, light and fluffy, fairy bread window sandwiches are a snack sure to make kids and kids-at-heart smile! All it takes is a bit of vegan butter and some sprinkles!

Linzer Cookie Window Sandwich

Recreate the classic Linzer cookie—but make it healthy! Soft and plush sprouted bread bursting with raspberry jam? What’s not to love?

Chocolate Hazelnut Window Sandwich

Satisfy your sweet tooth without feeling guilty about it. Just add a dollop of our homemade chocolate hazelnut spread for instant satisfaction!

What You’ll Need to Make Healthy Cookie Cutter Window Sandwiches

Bread: We used our Organic Soft Wheat for its soft, cookie cutter—and kid-friendly—texture. Soft Wheat has all the smoothness of fluffy white bread, but with whole grain goodness from sprouted grains! Don’t have this loaf in your pantry? Other Silver Hills Bakery breads work too! (Tip: the smoother the slice the more cookie-cutter-friendly it will be. For heartier breads like Squirrelly, 20 Grain Train, or Big Red’s, choose simpler shapes with fewer small details for best results.)

Fillings: Whatever flavour you’re feeling, you can add it to your easy window sandwiches. Pantry and fridge staples such as jam, nut butters, non-dairy butter are the best place to start—use what you’ve got! From sweet to savoury, anything you can spread is fair game for Cookie Cutter Window Sandwich filling!

Toppings: Let your creativity shine! Add crushed nuts, sprinkles, or any other plant-based topping you’d like. Decorate your sandwich, marvel at your masterpiece, and chow down!

(Scroll down for our easy how-to instructions and a list of ingredient ideas you can use to make your healthy cookie cutter window sandwiches.)

Recipe Details

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For all Cookie Cutter Window Sandwiches:

For the Avocado Lemon Window Sandwich:

  • 1 large avocado
  • 1 medium lemon
  • salt and pepper to taste

For the Fairy Bread Window Sandwich:

  • 1 – 2 Tbsp vegan sprinkles
  • 1 – 2 Tbsp non-dairy buttery spread (we used Earth Balance)

For the Linzer ‘Cookie’ Window Sandwich:

  • 1 – 2 Tbsp jam or jelly use your favourite (we used organic raspberry jam)

For the Chocolate Hazelnut Window Sandwich:


For all the Cookie Cutter Window Sandwiches:

  1. Choose your cookie cutter shape and cut your windows out of your top slice of bread. If you’re making the tops and bottoms cutouts, make your large pieces first, then use your smaller cutter to make the window in half the slices, so you have tops and bottoms ready.
  2. Set aside cut bread and prepare your spreads, toppings, or fillings of your choice.
  3. Layer bottoms with the spreads and top with the windowed slice. (If adding extra toppings, sprinkle into the windows after closing the sandwiches)

For the Avocado Lemon Window Sandwich:

  1. Mash together avocado and lemon juice in a small bowl until smooth. (Season with salt and pepper to taste—or add some chili flakes or lemon zest for a little kick!)
  2. Spread generously and complete each sandwich following Step 3 above.

For the Fairy Bread Window Sandwich:

  1. Follow Step 3 above using the vegan butter as a spread and topping with sprinkles.

For the Linzer ‘Cookie’ Window Sandwich:

  1. Follow Step 3 above using your favourite jam as the base.

For the Chocolate Hazelnut:

  1. Make a batch of our vegan chocolate hazelnut spread.
  2. Follow Step 3 above to assemble sandwich using chocolate hazelnut spread.

Try these handy tips!

  • You can make window sandwiches for you, two, or a platter for 20—just change the number of slices and add more spread!
  • Can’t find a small cookie cutter for the inside of a larger shape? A small spice jar lid is a smart stand-in for cutting windows!
  • Get creative! Use a large straw to create several windows or mix it up with different shapes.
  • Filling falling out? Spread close to the edge, but not all the way—then press along sides of sandwich to create a seal.

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