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Article How to Use Sprouts: Tips for Eating and Storing Sprouts

How to Use Sprouts +
Keep Them Fresh!

Fresh sprouts offer a range of textures and flavours—how you mix and match them is limited only by your personal taste and imagination! Whether you use them raw or cooked, here are our top 3 tips for using fresh sprouts:

  1. Fresh is best.
    Use your sprouts as close to their peak as possible. For taste and safety.
  2. Taste-test.
    Some sprouts are sweet. Some sprouts are spicy. And some sprouts don’t taste as much like their cooked or fully-grown counterparts as you’d expect! Before you commit to a dish with a new-to-you sprout, taste first to avoid surprises. (We’d have never guessed how sweet sprouted wheat berries are, or how spicy onion or radish sprouts can be until we tasted them!).  
  3. Mix it up.
    Sprouting seed suppliers sell blends of sprouts that pair well together, from sandwich blends to crunchy bean mixes, all the way to super spicy selections not for the faint of heart. Once you discover what you like best, you can blend your own! (Try sprouting them separately or together).

9 Fresh and Fun Ways to Serve Sprouts!

You can use fresh sprouts anywhere you’d use lettuce—and then some! Try them in recipes, or experiment with ideas from this get-started list:

Add sprouts
to salads

(variety rules!)

Stack sprouts in

(trade lettuce for texture!)

Pile sprouts onto burgers

(add contrast and crunch!)

Blend sprouts into smoothies

(good for green monsters—or sneaky greens!)

Serve sprouts as a breakfast cereal

(try sweet sprouted wheat or spelt berries!)

Toss sprouts in

(mung bean sprouts are a stir-fry staple!)

Mix sprouts into spreads

(swap sprouted for canned chickpeas in hummus!)

Swirl sprouts in soups

(bean sprouts are soup stars from Vietnam to Thailand!)

Snack on sprouts, straight-up

(sprouted peas shine next to carrot sticks!)

Tips: How to Store Sprouts Safely

After you follow all 7 Basic Rules for Sprouting at Home, it’s important to be just as careful storing your fresh sprouts. Here are our top 3 tips for how to store sprouts so they stay fresh and safe:

Drain sprouts well and let them dry after their last rinse. 

Before you put them in the fridge (below 4.4℃ or 40℉), sprouts should be completely dry—damp sprouts don’t last!

Sprouting at Home Safely - 1

Transfer sprouts to a clean, dry container. 

Use clean tongs or clean hands to transfer your sprouts from your sprouting vessel into a clean, dry, airtight one. Fold a paper towel and place it on top of the sprouts to catch any condensation once you close the lid.

Use sprouts within
5 – 7 days.

Don’t use sprouts past the recommended storage range in the Sprouting at Home How-to Guide.

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