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What to make with Soft Wheat: The best recipes with Silver Hills Bakery Soft Wheat sprouted bread.

December 12, 2023

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Make fun, fast, easy meals your family will love—starting with a loaf of Silver Hills Bakery’s softest sprouted bread and our Top 5 Soft Wheat Recipes

From timelessly tasty french toast to special snacks, satisfying sandwiches, weeknight-easy pizza bakes, all the way to hearty and wholesome dinners, fans come back to our 5 best Soft Wheat recipes for healthy meal ideas for good reason.

Because these popular plant-based recipes with Soft Wheat bread help you put simple, speedy, nutritious food on the table any day of the week.

Reasons to Love Silver Hills Bakery’s Soft Wheat Sprouted Bread

Soft, smooth, and scrumptious, Soft Wheat welcomes white bread fans to the fluffy side of sprouted whole grains. 

Our softest slice—and our closest match to traditional flour-based white bread—Soft wheat gets its tender, kid-friendly texture from a 50/50 blend of sprouted whole grains and organic wheat flour. 

Like a superhero in street clothes, Soft Wheat sneaks the goodness of sprouted whole wheat and sprouted oats into every bite. 

Before you add any toppings, your Soft Wheat sandwich starts with 7 grams of protein, 5 grams of fibre, and 19 grams of whole grains.

So, whether you’re taking your first steps into the world of sprouted whole grains, you prefer a smoother, subtle-tasting slice, or you’re a parent eager to woo picky eaters with healthier versions of familiar foods, Soft Wheat has your better-for-you bread aspirations covered!

What to Make with Soft Wheat for Breakfast:

Peanut Butter French Toast

Topped with a dollop of peanut butter, your favourite strawberry jam, sliced strawberries, and chopped roasted peanuts, our sprouted Soft Wheat Peanut Butter French Toast recipe has all the comfort of PB & J, packed with plant-based nutrition! With an easy, peanut-infused vegan french toast batter, a base of sprouted grain bread, and layers of protein-rich peanut butter, this Soft Wheat breakfast idea delivers goodness by the forkful! Make it just to hear your kids squeal with delight, or simply to make your inner child smile with lip-smacking satisfaction.

Recipes with Soft Wheat for Lunch:

Healthy Cookie Cutter Window Sandwiches

Teddy bear picnics, rainy day playdates, and after-school snacks are better when you make DIY fun with our Healthy Soft Wheat Window Sandwich How-to. Get out your cookie cutters. Gather some pantry staples. Grab a loaf of fluffy, cookie cutter- and kid-friendly sprouted Soft Wheat bread and invite your kids to flex some creative muscle in the kitchen! Pick one of four, two-ingredient plant-based window sandwich fillings: creamy avocado lemon, whimsical fairy bread, jammy linzer cookie, or chocolate hazelnut. Then set them loose to make a wholesome Soft Wheat Window Sandwich lunch recipe they’ll love.

Plant-based Panini with Marinated Tofu and Avocado Mash

Soft Wheat sandwich recipes aren’t just for kids—satisfying lunches for grown-ups start with our softest sprouted bread, too! And this flavourful vegan panini from Plant-based RD is no exception. Stuffed with protein-packed marinated tofu, mashed avocado, greens, and mushrooms, this sophisticated sprouted Soft Wheat panini will keep you energized all afternoon. And you don’t need a panini press to make it, either! Make this veggie filled, umami-rich Soft Wheat lunch recipe with miso butter spread for a warm, crispy meal you won’t soon forget!

Dinner Recipes with Soft Wheat:

Easy Healthy Vegan Pizza Toast Tray Bake

Our plant-based pizza toast recipe is ready faster than you can dial for delivery! Skip the dough, leave the pizza cutter in the drawer, and build this speedy weeknight dinner with sprouted Soft Wheat bread instead! Simply lay enough slices to satisfy everyone on a baking sheet, sauce and top with mozzarella-style shreds, pile on your family’s favourite toppings, bake until melted, and have dinner on the table in 20 minutes or less. Perfect for preteens and teens as a DIY after school snack or self-serve supper, kids of all ages love this easy Soft Wheat dinner idea. 

Sun-dried Tomato and White Bean Skillet with Garlic Bread

Fast, flavourful, and filling, Registered Dietitian Plant-based RD’s healthy weeknight recipe lets nutrient dense, budget-friendly ingredients shine! Canned beans, tomatoes, sneaky greens and pantry staples come together quick in this satisfying one pot dinner. But the cheesy sprouted Soft Wheat garlic bread recipe is what makes this meal memorable. Put this simple, hearty white bean skillet recipe in regular rotation to up dark winter nights and fuel you full life with the goodness of sprouted whole grains and humble whole foods. 

What will you make with Soft Wheat bread?

Whether you’ve just discovered our softest sprouted slice or you’ve been a fan of its fluffiness for years, these Top 5 Recipes with Soft Wheat bread are just the start of all the healthy meals you can make with this smooth loaf.

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