Article A Passion for Sprouting

Silver Hills Co-owner Kathy Smith talks about the benefits of sprouting at home

July 07, 2015

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Silver Hills Bakery

Eating living foods provides your body with enzymes and a variety of nutrients. A simple way to add living foods to your diet is to do some sprouting, which is so easy to do. You can add sprouts to salad, smoothies, sandwiches, wraps or eat them as a tasty snack.

Some grains can be more difficult to sprout but if you just soak them in some warm water and treat them like a living thing, they’ll start growing. Khorasan wheat makes a nice soft sweet sprout, which is delicious sprinkled on breakfast cereal with almond milk.

Everybody thinks sprouting is difficult but it’s actually really simple. Read our article on sprouting for step-by-step instructions to get started here.

Kathy Smith shows us how she sprouts her lentils and grains at home in her kitchen

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