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3 Tips for Making Packed Lunches Better

December 17, 2015

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Packing a lunch for school or work is a great way to stick to your healthy eating goals, whether you want to keep track of calories, or just eat more vegetables. Making your own lunch often costs less than going out to restaurants too!

The benefits are numerous, but packing a lunch every day can be a challenge for busy people. Try these tips to help you stick to it:

Plan for leftovers

When you’re cooking dinner at home, pack leftovers into containers right away so you have quick grab-and-go lunch options in the morning.

You can also reserve one day a week to make big batches of lunch-friendly food. Soup, chili and lasagna all work well. Portion whatever you make into containers and you’ll have at least a few days worth of lunches.

The right lunch kit can make packing lunches even easier–stock up on sturdy containers and a nice lunch bag that will fit all your containers inside.

Don’t forget it!

There’s nothing worse than spending time making your lunch then forgetting it at home. These tips should help you avoid that:

  • Pack all your containers inside your lunch bag so you don’t forget anything.
  • Leave a sticky note on your fridge as a reminder.
  • Put your keys in the fridge next to your lunch bag–you definitely won’t forget it!

Make lunchtime special

Real silverware, freshly cracked pepper, and other simple garnishes can elevate any homemade lunch to gourmet status. Why not make your desk into a little pantry of items you can use to spice up your meal?

It’s also important to pack food you like. If it’s not something you want to eat, you’ll be tempted to look for other options.

Try these tips for enjoying healthy homemade lunches more often. Your body, taste buds and wallet will thank you!

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