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May 17, 2021

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Salads are often the go-to meal when we think of eating healthy. But it’s so easy to get stuck in the rut of the same routine recipes. Let’s fix that! Salads are an all-year, any-season dish that serves up nutrition and flavour in equal measure. These recipes are proof that you actually can have it all!

This collection of delicious and nutritious salads is versatile, simple and includes flavours for every taste and season. Perfect for not only lunch or a snack, but scalable for dinners too!

Win over even the pickiest of salad sceptics in your house with freshness and flavour. Whether you’re into juicy sweet oranges and cherries, or satisfyingly crunchy garlicky croutons, there’s an easy-to-make recipe in here for everyone. Try one or try them all!

roasted brussels sprouts panzanella

Roasted Brussels Sprouts Panzanella Salad

You’ll love our take on a classic. This Roasted Brussels Sprouts Panzanella Salad boasts a range of textures from toasted sprouted whole grain bread and candied pecans that add contrast and crunch alongside the delicate chew of sprouted whole spelt. Its earthy flavours are brightened by fresh apple, tomato, and a zippy vinaigrette—all balanced with spicy, bitter greens.

Sprouted Wheatberry Salad

Sprouted Wheat Berry and Kale Salad

Salads aren’t just for summertime. This citrus-flavoured Sprouted Wheat Berry and Kale Salad recipe brings some much-needed sunshine to the cold, dark days, too. The combination of sweet and tender sprouted wheat berries with earthy kale, spiced pecans, and refreshing dressing makes for an energizing meal with substance. (Learn how to sprout your own wheat berries all year long in Part 3 of our Why Sprouted Handbook).

Mandarin Orange Salad with Sprouted Whole Grain Croutons

Mandarin Orange Mason Jar Salad with Sprouted Whole Grain Croutons

Shake up your weekly meal prep—literally—with this delicious and easy Mandarin Orange Mason Jar Salad. In just a few minutes, you’ll have a healthy lunch that you can grab as soon as hunger strikes, all contained in a single jar. The sweetness of the oranges complemented by bitter greens and crunchy almonds will surely satisfy your tastebuds. And thanks to the nutrient-packed, sprouted whole grain croutons made with our, this lunch option will keep you energized for whatever your afternoon has in store.

caesar salad with sprouted bread croutons

Caesar Salad with Garlicky Croutons

Everyone knows a terrific Caesar salad owes its greatness to the dressing. What’s not so well-known is how that delectable, classic creaminess can be achieved eggless and dairy free. This smooth and tangy plant-based Caesar salad makes keeping those healthy eating resolutions easy. Garlic croutons made from our hearty add a pop of flavour and extra fibre, perfect for powering your day deliciously.

Hearty Sweet Potato Mason Jar Salad Recipe

Hearty Sweet Potato Mason Jar Salad

No matter how you stack it, this lunch-ready mason jar salad will get you through the afternoon with extra energy and then some. We’ve added avocado to the dressing for extra creaminess plus a dose of healthy fat and built the salad base with hearty vegetables for extra vitamins and minerals. A solid crunch from our Multigrain bread rounds out your power lunch perfectly.

Mason jar salad with cherries, cucumber, onions, spinach, croutons, and dressing.

Very Cherry Mason Jar Layered Salad

Layered mason jar salads aren’t just savvy, they’re nice to look at. And in the case of this “Very Cherry” salad, downright delicious. Enjoy this light and refreshing salad for lunch and stay energized all day thanks to protein from the tofu, fibre from the veggies, a hearty fullness from the croutons, and a touch of sweetness from the cherries.

Every Season Salad Tips:

  • Mason Jar Salads are perfect for packing to-go. In fact, almost any salad is mason jar friendly! But mason jar salads aren’t just for travel—they’re a time-saving make-ahead meal to enjoy at home, too! (Of course, you don’t have to eat it out of the mason jar, they’re just as tasty in a bowl.)
  • Get creative! Swap in seasonal veggies or sub in your favourite dressing. Eating healthy is easy when you use what you have on-hand or what’s in season. You can even mix up the croutons by changing the type of bread.

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