Article Feel-Good Foods That Don’t Make You Feel Bad

Why healthy whole grains can be the ultimate comfort food

November 10, 2016

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Silver Hills Bakery

The colder the weather, the stronger our cravings for carbtastic foods that warm our bellies and boost our moods. Who doesn’t feel satisfied after eating crusty breads or cheesy pasta dishes? But sometimes indulging in processed grains brings on that too-full feeling, or belly bloat, which is often accompanied by gas or other digestive distress. Soon your favourite comfort food becomes a discomfort food.

Next time, feed your craving with whole grains and sprouted whole grains to go a bit easier on your digestion. Foods crafted from sprouted grains are not as hard to break down because of the enzymes activated in the new sprouts. And when grains start sprouting, their complex molecules become more simple and easier to digest. You’ll also get more fibre from sprouted grains and breads compared to the non-sprouted variety, which will keep you regular.

So go ahead, give into that grilled cheese craving or a bagel with a generous schmear of cream cheese. Just opt for the sprouted-grain bread to steer clear of bloating and other belly problems. Try these comfort food classics that we made over to be more healthy: Simple StuffingSprouted Red Lentil Spread, and Maple Walnut Bread Pudding with Blueberries.

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