Recipe Uncrustable Sandwiches: Pack a DIY Snowman for Lunch

December 02, 2019

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Silver Hills Bakery

Your kids don’t need to wait for snow—or bundle up and brave the cold—to invite this snowman for lunch. Brighten the darkest days of winter with a lighthearted surprise they’ll love. Pack the parts, and let them build, decorate, then devour this deliciously fun sandwich.

What other tasty accessories would you pair with this packable snowman sandwich?

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  • 4 slices Silver Hills Sprouted Bakery Organic Soft Wheat bread (or your favourite soft slices of Silver Hills Bakery bread)
  • 2 Tbsp peanut butter (or nut-free butter (we like WOWBUTTER for school-friendly lunches))
  • 2 Tbsp raspberry jam (or other jam variety of your choice)
  • ¼ cup raisins
  • pretzel sticks
  • 1 small carrot ,peeled
  • apple slices


For the uncrustable snowman’s body and head:

  1. Make two peanut butter (or classroom safe nut-free butter) and jam sandwiches. Using two round cups of different sizes (one larger, one smaller), press the open end of one cup firmly into the first sandwich until it cuts out a sealed, crustless circle. Repeat with the other cup. (If you have round cookie cutters of multiple sizes, use two close-in-size cutters for each circle. First, create a seal by pressing the smaller of a pair into the sandwich without cutting through; then use the larger of the pair to cut out the circle. Repeat with a second smaller pair of cookie cutters). Reserve outside portion of sandwich, and pack uncrustable snowman body and head into a lunch container.

For the uncrustable snowman’s scarf and hat:

  1. Using a knife, cut the crust off the outside portion of the sandwich, trimming to lengths suitable for a scarf and the brim of the hat. The entire hat can be made of crust strips (one for the brim, and two for the crown), or if your snowman head left you with enough leftover sandwich, cut a rectangle sized appropriately for the crown of the hat relative to the head, and use one strip of crust for the brim. Pack scarf and hat parts into your lunch container, ready for construction. (Snack on remaining sandwich leftovers while you finish packing!)

For the uncrustable snowman’s face and arms:

  1. Cut the peeled carrot in half lengthwise, then into quarters. Reserve one carrot quarter, then cut into carrot sticks that fit your lunch container. Cut a nose-sized slice off the end of reserved carrot stick. Trim as needed to create a nose proportioned for your snowman’s head. For fun, cut different shapes and sizes of snowman nose to encourage creative construction. Pack pretzel sticks for arms, and raisins for buttons, eyes, and a mouth.
  2. Pack apple slices as a side to round out the lunch with a sweet, crunchy complement.

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