Article Is Vegan French Toast Healthy?

Registered Dietitian Plant Based RD on how sprouted whole grain bread can help you up your french toast game

May 19, 2021

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Plant Based RD

Normally, french toast might not be designed to provide a lot of nutrition. However, you can control that depending on the type of bread you use. Using a sprouted whole grain bread actually helps to provide more nutrition than normal. This is because the sprouting process helps to unlock a lot of nutrient potential in the whole grain seed.

What are sprouted grains?

A sprouted grain is a grain that is in essence woken up. Think about normal seeds, when you water them and provide the right conditions they start to grow and will begin to tap into nutrients it has stored up in its seed.

Once a grain starts to sprout, you have better access to its nutrients. Sprouting helps to break down some anti-nutrients like phytates and tannins that inhibit absorption of certain nutrients. Breaking these barriers around those nutrients allows you to better utilize nutrients like fibre, protein, and B vitamins. It tends to also be much easier for our bodies to digest these grains.

Why you should opt for sprouted grains

Ever have that mid-afternoon crash? They are not my favourite and it’s usually a sign that I haven’t fuelled myself appropriately. Being able to better digest and absorb nutrients like vitamins, minerals, fibre and protein is a key trick to stabilizing your energy throughout the day.

More availability to soluble fibre and protein helps to lower the glycemic index of a food. In turn, this helps to slow down digestion, and makes the release of carbohydrates to our blood stream more controlled over time. This leads to more sustainable energy that lasts without the crashing that hyper-processed foods may lead to.

To anyone that needs that energy boost, Silver Hills Sprouted Organic Bread is one of the first things I’ll recommend my clients swap to, and they definitely notice the difference. The blend of organic sprouted whole grains and organic wheat flour lead to a more light and fluffy texture that can make anyone fall in love with sprouted grains.

Make healthy vegan french toast

Try my recipe for Vegan Cinnamon French Toast Sticks to taste the difference for yourself! I use Silver Hills Sprouted Bakery Organic Cinnamon Raisin bread to give these healthy, deliciously crisp french toast sticks a little extra sweetness. Made with only eight ingredients, they’re perfect for kids to dip!

Catherine is a registered dietitian with a masters in Human Nutrition. She is a plant-based enthusiast who has been vegan since 2009 and first chose a plant-based lifestyle to improve her overall health. This eventually led to her passion for using this lifestyle to help reduce harm to the environment and all living creatures within her ability. She currently works one on one virtually with clients in the employee wellness space while sharing her favorite recipes on her blog, Plant Based RD, and Instagram in hopes of sharing evidence-based nutrition education and easy to approach plant-based recipes.

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