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How to Keep Sprouted Whole Grain Fresh

How do you keep your delicious Sprouted Whole Grain bread fresh? Once you get it home, where should you store your new favourite bread? Maybe put it right into the freezer for later or onto the counter for when you make sandwiches for lunch. We’ve got some tips for you and how to best keep your family’s new favourite bread!

  1. How long is my Sprouted Whole Grain bread good for?- You can leave your loaf out on the counter until the best-before date found on the bag or for up to nine days from thaw if you’re taking it out of the freezer.Better yet: store it in a breadbox or in your pantry out of direct light.
  2. What’s the best way to keep your Sprouted Whole Grain bread from drying out between uses?- Remember to properly close the bag with a bread clip after you’ve grabbed your slices for breakfast, lunch or dinner to keep it from drying out!- While it’s common to keep bread in the fridge to extend it’s shelf life, it actually dries the bread out! Try to avoid the fridge as a storage spot.
  3. How to freeze Sprouted Whole Grain bread (and how to defrost it for quick use!)- Not going to finish the loaf in about nine days? Freeze our bread to preserve its freshness for up to three months. Just be sure that bag is tightly closed and free of any excess air.- When you’re ready to enjoy a slice pop it into your toaster from frozen! The perfect slices to make your morning avocado toast or a lunchtime veggie sandwich.

    – If you need the whole loaf, you can easily leave it to thaw on the counter for 10-15 minutes if pieces are not separating easily!