Article Fresh Look, Same Sprouted Breads You Love

April 25, 2017

Article by

Kathy Smith

You’ve been telling us for a while now that you love how our sprouted breads fuel your busy days, whether you’re running around the track or just around town with the kids. You inspired us to give our original line of sprouted whole-grain breads bags a refresh. We’ve updated our bags to make it clear that our breads are sprouted – Sprouted Power is front and centre and easy to spot. We’ve also used new characters to show how Silver Hills Bakery 100% sprouted whole grain breads will nutritiously fuel busy, active days.

We may have a fresh look on the outside, but inside you’ll find the same delicious, nutritious breads that are packed with clean ingredients to give you the energy you need. Our 100% sprouted grain breads are still made with organic ingredients, Non-GMO Project Verified, vegan, and full of whole grains (22 to 26 grams per serving). As always, the whole grains in these breads are 100% sprouted too boost nutrients (protein, fibre, antioxidants, and more) and improve digestion and absorption. (We’re always happy to hear that you find our sprouted bread easier to digest than non-sprouted slices!) What is new with the bread is our testing of the whole grains to ensure they are not contaminated with glyphosate, a common herbicide that may drift over from non-organic fields. We know you want to keep pesticides off your plate, so we made third-party glyphosate testing a priority.

Here’s how our 100% sprouted whole-grain breads work hard to power your workouts and hectic days:

  • The Big 16™: A delicious high-fibre bread boasting 16 kinds of seeds and grains that have all the nutrients you’ll need to go that extra mile.
  • Mack’s Flax™: Fuel up with the healthy plant-based fats, fibre, and antioxidants found in nutty flaxseeds. There’s also 6 grams of energizing protein and only 1 gram of sugar per serving.
  • Little Big Bread™: It may be light on calories (only 55 per slice!) and fat, but it’s big on flavor, fibre, and nutritious sprouted whole grains.
  • Squirrelly™: It’s stuffed with enough nutty sesame and sunflower seeds to satisfy you with fibre and healthy fats.

Which Sprouted Power™ bread is your favorite? Is there a variety you haven’t tried yet but would like to? Try our quiz to find a variety that works for you.