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Explore what’s new at Silver Hills Bakery from the outside, in!

May 02, 2023

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Silver Hills Bakery

Fresh Look. Improved Recipes. 

Our better-than-ever recipes invite Silver Hills Bakery fans to fall in love all over again with our sprouted whole grain breads—and how they fuel you and your family’s full lives.

We’re so excited to share our fresh new look! Quick and clear callouts on the front of our bright new bags highlight each sprouted breads’ best features to invite you in for a closer look. And our new messaging on the back shares why sprouted whole grains are a better-for-you choice—and what makes each Silver Hills Bakery product special.

Same Sprouted Goodness You Love.

We’ve grown a lot since our first packaging helped bring the goodness of sprouted whole grains out of our small little bakery and onto store shelves in 1989.

In our 30+ years, we’ve learned plenty of lessons. Like how we must always work to make Silver Hills Bakery products a little bit better. And why we must always stay true to our values—and delivering the goodness that inspires our fans to welcome our Canadian-made breads, buns, and bagels back to their tables, week after week.

That’s why no matter what our packaging looks like, the product inside will always be made with sprouted whole grains and plant-based ingredients. And be Non-GMO Project Verified, Whole Grains Council certified, Certified Vegan, glyphosate-free (BioChecked Non Glyphosate certified), and peanut- and tree nut-free, too.

You’re the reason Silver Hills Bakery has had the privilege of sharing the nutrient dense power of sprouted whole grains for over 30 years. So, when we make changes, we make sure to bring our biggest fans along with us.

That’s why we’ve kept bestselling fan-favourites like Squirrelly® bread, The Big 16®, and Little Big Bread® in the same bright, easy-to-spot colours (so you’re not left searching the bakery aisle for your best bread friend!).

And why our softer-than-ever recipes make already good things even better—without changing what inspired fans to fall in love at first bite.

Keep reading to learn more about our new packaging, how we made our sprouted whole grain breads better, what’s changed—and why.

In this article: 

Inside Our Bright Bags: What’s New and Better?

How We Made Our Sprouted Breads Better Than Ever

Even with 30+ years of practice sprouting whole grains and baking them into bread, there’s always more to learn! Our expert sprouted bakers have been busy perfecting their craft to make our beloved breads softer than ever.

Method Matters

It’s hard to improve on the goodness of certified organic whole grains! And when you’re already working with some of the best plant-based ingredients in the world, what you do with them can make all the difference.

Across the board, we’ve improved our proprietary sprouting process to ensure consistency of the sprouted grain dough at the heart of our breads and buns. Why does that matter? It gives our bakers control over subtle nuances that help craft a full range of sprouted textures and experiences!

Here’s how we’ve made our wholesome sprouted breads better: 

  • Classics like Squirrelly bread, The Big 16, and Little Big Bread use our signature sprouted whole grain base, as always. Our improved sprouting process adds a subtle softness that helps create balance and contrast between the sprouted dough and each bread’s unique blend of seeds and whole grain goodies designed to delight your mouth!
  • For our fully sprouted breads like The Queen’s Khorasan﹘Ancient Grain, Big Red’s Bread﹘Heritage Grain, and Full Seed Ahead, sprouted heritage and ancient grains add softness to sophisticated loaves made completely from whole grains. 
  • Our softest breads, Soft Wheat and Multigrain, have always been made with a 50/50 blend of organic sprouted whole grains and organic wheat flour. Now with an even smoother dough, these breads match the texture of traditional white and multigrain breads better than ever, but with the goodness of sprouted whole grains baked in—so you get the fluffy multigrain and white bread experience, done better.  

Meet Omegamazing!

Mega flavour. Mega nutrition. All-new Omegamazing™ pairs the improved softness and sprouted whole grain goodness of our classics with a big boost of ALA Omega-3! Whole and ground flax and chia seeds give Omegamazing more than a deliciously hearty crunch—they add 800mg of Omega-3 ALA to your sandwich! 

Packaging Improvements Designed to Welcome Sprouted Fans Old and New

Changing our packaging isn’t something we took lightly. We wanted to make it easier to learn how sprouted bread can help you make any meal a healthy one—and choose the right loaf for you—fast! 

Features Up Front

Our bright new bags put sought after features like grams of fibre, protein, and whole grains per serving front and centre to help you scan the important stuff in seconds.

Now you can see how much sprouted whole grain goodness is baked in our bread before you even pick up the bag! 

(And we added texture callouts to help you spot our softest breads at a glance, too!)

A Helpful Hand

We eat with our eyes first! That’s why we put a nice, big, transparent window on the front of our new bags—so you can see the bread without having to pick it up to peek through the clear side panel.

Because getting a good look at our tempting toppings and rich, golden-brown crusts is the next best thing to sampling a slice before you buy.

And our new open hand illustration invites you into the world of sprouted whole grain goodness with the same warm welcome you’d get from our Silver Hills Bakery family if we were right there in the bakery aisle with you.

Friends on a First-Name Basis

Sprouted Power® describes the goodness we harness in every whole grain product we bake. Silver Hills is our name.

Our old bread bags made Sprouted Power® our marquee message because sprouted whole grains are central to who we are and everything we do at Silver Hills Bakery. We made it big and bold to shout our enthusiasm for sprouted from the top of our bags!

But we also want you to know who we are beyond what we do, as a warm, open-hearted, family-run bakery you trust to help you on your healthy living journey.

That’s why we gave our joyfully refreshed Silver Hills logo the top spot on our new packaging—so you can remember us like a friendly acquaintance you’d greet on a first-name basis.

Better Back of Pack

First-time triers and fans who like to switch things up agree: the outside of our bags alone wasn’t enough to tell you what makes one Silver Hills Bakery bread different from the next. 

That’s why we crafted unique descriptions for every product we make and put them on the back of every bag so it’s easier than ever to choose a Silver Hills Sprouted Bakery product you’ll love!

Why Sprouted?

We’ve also worked hard to better communicate the reasons to try Silver Hills Bakery breads, buns, bagels, and tortillas—and why sprouted whole grains are a better-for-you choice. 

You’ll find clear and simple bullet points on the back of the bag that share the benefits of sprouted in seconds. And a QR code you can scan while you’re waiting for your toast to pop to learn more about the science of why sprouted bread is a small, healthy swap with the power to make a big difference in your day.

Love our new look? Tell us what you think! Share your raves and reviews with us on Facebook or Instagram. Or reach out with questions and comments on our Contact page.

Not sure which Silver Hills Bakery sprouted bread to choose in our updated lineup? Check out our bread-to-bread comparison and find your new favourite on our Which Bread is Best for You and Your Family? page.

Discontinued Breads
Say “Goodbye” to the seven breads stepping aside for the cause:

·     Steady Eddie®
·     Mack’s Flax®
·     Cinnamon Raisin
·     20 Grain Train®
·     Hemptation®
·     Farmer Fife®
·     Wheat & Greet®
·     Oat So Lovely®

Find a New Favourite
Is your bread bestie being retired? Don’t stay sad. We promise there’s life after the last loaf! Find a list of loveable swaps for your favourite sprouted slice on our Discontinued Silver Hills Breads (And What to Try Instead!) page—it includes thoughtful recommendations for breads that share the best features that made your old favourite special.

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