Article Discontinued Silver Hills Breads (And What to Try Instead!)

Life After the Last Loaf: Loveable Swaps for Your Favourite Sprouted Slice

August 22, 2023

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Silver Hills Bakery

Every once in a while, a lucky product earns a tiny spot in your day-to-day life because something it makes you smile inside and look forward to enjoying it again and again. It’s no small honour when one of our sprouted breads makes your special list—so we know there can be some heartbreak in the news that your favourite sprouted slice is on the list of discontinued Silver Hills Bakery breads below:

It’s okay to be sad about saying goodbye to familiar friends—even when they’re as little as a loaf of bread you love! 

(Our team have some of their personal favourites on this list, too. And although we understand we’re saying goodbye to make space for our best sprouted breads to shine, we’ll miss our go-to loaves all the same). 

But don’t worry. When you’re ready, we’re here to help you find a new favourite Silver Hills Bakery bread. One that will (we hope!) feel just as good going into your shopping basket as your trusted bread bestie does today.

Scroll down to get to know the Silver Hills Sprouted Bakery breads ready to step in for the ones we’re retiring.  

Gone for Good: 
If You Loved These Discontinued Silver Hills Bakery Breads, You’ll Like…

Discontinued Bread & Alternatives - Steady Eddie

Steady Eddie

A soft blend of sprouted whole wheat, sprouted whole rye, and sprouted whole lentil flour, Steady Eddie® was sweetened with organic apples instead of refined sugar—one of many reasons you may have loved its smooth, wide, flavourful slices. 

Which bread will be the best Steady Eddie stand-in depends on why you loved it:

  • If you loved Steady Eddie because it was sweetened with organic apples and had only 1 gram of total sugars per slice, try Squirrelly® bread. Sweetened with raisin nectar, Squirrelly has the same total sugars as Steady Eddie per slice! 
  • If you loved Steady Eddie because it was on the smoother end of the texture spectrum of our classic sprouted whole grain breads, Little Big Bread® could be your new bread best friend. Its small-but-mighty slices have the softness of Steady Eddie (no seeds inside or on top), and a similar nutritional profile, too. Check out Little Big Bread here!
  • If you loved Steady Eddie because its wide slices gave you more surface area for spread and sandwich satisfaction, try The Big 16®—its wide slices deliver a flavourful assortment of textures balanced in an enjoyably soft base. Want a wide slice with a softer, smoother texture? See if Organic Multigrain fits the bill!
Discontinued Bread & Alternatives - Mack's Flax

Mack’s Flax

Smooth with a soft, satisfying flax seed crunch, Mack’s Flax fans loved this bread because it had plenty of fibre and protein from whole and ground flax—and only 1 gram of sugar per slice. 

You won’t find familiar Mack’s Flax in a bright new bag in the bakery aisle, but you will find all-new Omegamazing. It boasts the flax-filled, sprouted whole grain goodness you love about Mack’s Flax—and a big boost of ALA Omega-3 from chia seeds, too! How big? You’ll get 800mg of ALA Omega-3 in a two-slice serving of Omegamazing to give your sandwiches a seriously healthy upgrade.

While we know long-time fans will miss Mack’s Flax, we’re confident Omegamazing will live up to its name and earn a place in your grocery basket as a new favourite. Check out Omegamazing’s impressive features, ingredients list, and nutrition facts here.

Discontinued Bread & Alternatives - Cinnnamon Raisin

Cinnamon Raisin

Soft, subtly sweet, delicately spiced with cinnamon and stuffed with plump organic raisins, sprouted Organic Cinnamon Raisin bread is tough to beat (especially warm from the toaster!). But while there’s no one-to-one sliced bread swap, our soft, chewy, sprouted Organic Cinnamon Raisin Bagels have all the flavour you crave—and they’ll make your kitchen smell just as deliciously welcome, too. 

Use the store locator on the Cinnamon Raisin Bagels product page to find them near you! (Tip: check the freezer section if they’re not in the fresh bread aisle).

Discontinued Bread & Alternatives - 20 Grain Train

20 Grain Train

This larger-than-life loaf loaded so much whole grain goodness into every slice, it was an express line to healthy meals that could help keep you chugging all the live-long day. But while 20 Grain Train® may have rolled into retirement, lovers of this hearty loaf won’t find themselves stranded—there are plenty of options at the sprouted grain station to keep you on track!

If wide slice is your gauge, The Big 16 and 20 Grain Train are practically parallel! Topped with oats and stuffed with 16 seeds and grains to fuel full days, The Big 16’s texture-rich slices are a worthy stand-in. Check it out here

But if a hearty haul stuffed with serious nutrition is your desired destination, head for the harbour and set sail with a bread that’s Full Seed Ahead! Our healthiest slice, Full Seed Ahead packs a wholesome high-fibre, high-protein cargo of grains and seeds into every bite and is sure to satisfy the most serious sprouted whole grain fans on the deck.

Discontinued Bread & Alternatives - Farmer Fife

Farmer Fife

You could taste 175+ years of Canadian farm history in Farmer Fife®’s timelessly smooth slices. And you can keep on savouring the goodness of sprouted whole grain Red Fife wheat in Heritage Grain Big Red’s Bread! With a hefty 31 grams of whole grains in every 2-slice serving, Big Red’s Bread has a hearty crumb, rich crust, and unforgettable flavour. 

Discontinued Bread & Alternatives - Wheat & Greet

Wheat & Greet

An invitation to say ‘Hello!’ to deliciously crunchy wheat berries paired with tender sprouted whole wheat, Wheat & Greet® served up a playful assortment of textures by the slice. But it’s far from the only Silver Hills Sprouted Bakery bread capable of making variety-seeking mouths smile! Try The Big 16 for a rich range of textures nestled within each soft, sprouted whole grain slice. Or explore the subtler side of sprouted texture in our Organic Multigrain bread.

Discontinued Bread & Alternatives - Oat So Lovely

Oat So Lovely

Charmingly soft and delicately sweet Oat So Lovely® was a celebration of high-fibre oats that was hard to resist. If you loved Oat So Lovely for its tender texture, you’re in luck—our sprouted bakers gave our Organic Soft Wheat an oaty upgrade inside its bright new bread bag! Now our softest slice pairs sprouted whole wheat with tender sprouted whole grain oats and organic wheat flour for a fluffy, kid-friendly texture your whole family will love. Reach for Soft Wheat on your next trip to the store!

And if you became a fan of Oat So Lovely because you were already an oat aficionado with a grown-up appreciation for this special grain, The Big 16 has you covered! Devotees rave about The Big 16’s unique oaty aroma, declaring it as appetizing straight from the bag as it is freshly toasted. Even better news? As one of Silver Hills Bakery’s bestselling breads, The Big 16 is easier to get your hands on than Oat So Lovely ever was.

Discontinued Bread & Alternatives - Hemptation


Available only in the United States (and The Sprouted Oven, our bakery store in Abbotsford, BC), fans of Hemptation®’s tempting nutty crunch are an exclusive group—mostly because this bread was hard to get your hands on! But if Hemptation earned favourite bread status in your house, don’t worry! Omegamazing is sure to become your new favourite. What it lacks in hemp seeds, it makes up for with an Omega-3 ALA boost from flax and chia that will set Hemptation fans’ hearts aflutter. 

We hope you find a new favourite Silver Hills Bakery sprouted bread that makes you even happier than the ones we’re retiring. Contact us with comments and questions or get help choosing a new bread buddy if you’re still lost after reading this page. We’ve got you! Check out this page to learn more about our rebrand—and all the ways we’re working to make Silver Hills Sprouted Bakery breads even better for you and your family

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