Why is Sprouted Bread Better?

Sprouting at Home: Sprout Safely with These Simple Rules

Safety First! Simple Rules for Sprouting at Home Safely The nutrition-enhancing and flavour-improving benefits of sprouting aren’t limited to the whole grains in your bread. They also apply to sprouts you can serve on your sandwiches and salads, too! If baking your own sprouted whole grain bread at… Read More

Sprouting at Home: A How-to Guide

How to Sprout at Home: Your Guide to Sprouting Whole Grains, Seeds—and More! Learning how to grow sprouts at home is easy—and it’s a budget-friendly way to add nutrient dense, plant-based goodness to your plate, any season of the year. Once you’re familiar with the… Read More

What to Make with Sprouts

From Salads to Spreads to STEM: Three Recipes to Make with Sprouts of All Sorts What’s more satisfying than growing sprouts at home? Eating them! Whether you’ve sprouted a modest cup or two of wheat berries or an alarming volume of lentils, we’ve got “Now what?” answers with three… Read More