Article Spring is Here: Get Out and Play!

Three ways taking activity out in nature makes everything better

April 11, 2018

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Silver Hills Bakery

Spring has arrived! What’s more welcome this time of year than getting out and spotting those trademark signs of the season’s newness? From crocus buds to robin’s eggs, there’s a special thrill that comes with getting outside while shaking off residual winter doldrums.

Feeling a little sluggish, perhaps still tempted by the warmth inside? The air may yet be brisk and breezy, but heeding the call of the beckoning outdoors is sure to give you a healthy boost. We all know the importance of being active and keeping fit. Taking that activity back out into nature brings its own unique energy yields. Here’s why:

Opportunity for soaking up the sunshine vitamin.

While it’s always important to protect ourselves from harmful UV-rays, our bodies rely on vitamin D for bone health, cell growth, immune function and more. In fact, vitamin-D deficiency can lead to and exacerbate a whole host of issues, including fatigue. Unfortunately, we can’t rely on foods for this precious nutrient. Good news, we can meet our needs while enjoying ourselves, exploring nature.

Scenery inspires.

Looking for motivation to keep fit? All you need could well be just outside your front door. With nature’s endless variety, fitting in exercising becomes less chore, and more perfect challenge to look forward to.

Stress relief.

It’s no surprise, reducing stress can go a long way in putting back spring in your step. Being active outdoors doesn’t just benefit physical health—it bolsters mental health, too. Numerous studies note nature’s calming effect, and its power to not only alleviate anxiety, but to promote happiness, too.

Ready to get out and grow your health? Extend opportunity for adventure with the right fuel. Sprouted grains are storehouses of valuable nutrients and good taste. Sprouting signals time for seed growth, unlocking all the richness inside. Whether heading out or on-the-go, our delicious Sprouted Power breads, bagels, and wraps are perfect sustenance for helping you make the most of the season.

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