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Looking for a Bread That’s Better for Your Belly?

No one likes to talk about it, but everyone experiences gas, bloating, and constipation some days. But if we don’t bring up these delicate topics, how will you discover that switching from processed grains to sprouted whole grains will ease your digestion and help you feel better?

In trying to figure out the root of your belly problems, look at how many refined grains you’re eating in favorites like pizza and white bread. These foods lack the fiber you need to remain regular, so switch to whole grains that boast more fiber than the same processed grains. And when those whole grains are sprouted, the amount of fiber increases even more, so goodbye constipation.

Maybe your issues are due to an allergy or a sensitivity to the artificial preservatives and additives found in that white sandwich bread you loved as a kid? A food that treated you fine when you were young may be wreaking havoc on your system now. Your digestion will thank you if you opt for a whole-grain bread that’s organic and non-GMO, which means it’s free of artificial anything.

Choosing sprouted whole grains also means your digestive system won’t have to work as hard because the enzymes activate new simple molecules in the just-germinated sprouts that are easier to break down than the more complex molecules in the non-sprouted variety.

Glad we had this talk about the things no one ever talks about. Let us know if giving up processed grains for sprouted whole grains turns out to be better for your belly. We’ll keep it between us.