What is Sprouted Bread?

Whole Grains are Healthy

Whole Grains vs Refined Grains: Why Whole Grains Win There’s no question that whole grains are good for you. From Canada,1 the USA,2 and around the world,… Read More

What are Sprouted Grains & What Happens When Grains Sprout?

What are Sprouted Grains? Sometimes called germinated whole grains or malted whole grains, a sprouted whole grain is one that’s been soaked and allowed to sprout.  When the tail of the sprout (the root or radicle) has emerged from the seed and has grown no longer than the… Read More

What is Sprouted Bread? And How is it Different?

What is Sprouted Whole Grain Bread? While there are many different recipes for sprouted bread, they all share one thing in common—they’re made from sprouted whole grains!  How is Sprouted Bread Different from Regular Bread? If you’ve ever made bread or yeasted baked goods (or you’ve watched them… Read More

How is Sprouted Bread Made?

How Sprouted Bread is Made in 4 Simple Steps Whether you’re making it at home, or at the scale we make it with the help of dozens of bakers per day at our bakery in Abbotsford, British Columbia, sprouted whole grain bread is made with the same four simple… Read More