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June 27, 2017

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Silver Hills Bakery

Summer means doing more outside, from al fresco dining and concerts in parks to your favourite workout routine. If only summer wasn’t so…hot. If you could use a little extra motivation to work out when it’s a bit warm, look no further than your kitchen. A nutritious, well-timed pre-workout snack can provide just the energizing boost you need.

Working out on empty not only puts you at risk for sluggishness from low blood sugar, it can push your body to convert its own muscle tissue into energy. Wholesome, nutrient-rich carbs like our Sprouted Power™ whole-grain breads like The Big 16™ provide your body with essential fuel your engine needs, especially for exercise. Aim for a light snack about an hour before activity, with a little wiggle room on either side depending on your digestion and planned intensity of your workout. Include a little protein to help prime your body for muscle recovery post-sweat-inducing activity.

Here are a few quick and simple snack ideas to fuel you up without weighing you down this summer.

  • Whole grain toast with sliced banana and nut butter. You can’t beat the playful but powerful combination of protein-rich nut butter spread on our delicious sprouted bread then topped with the potassium-laden sweetness of sliced bananas. Try this homemade cinnamon-cashew nut butter recipe for an even more delicious pre-workout treat.
  • Grilled summer sandwich. A panini press or a plain old skillet makes magic transforming a simple (half) sandwich into a decadent treat that doubles as workout fuel. Try blackberries, raspberries, and vegan cream cheese with a drizzle of maple syrup, or this blissful combination of cashew butter and berries.
  • Power smoothie. A creamy smoothie of fresh fruits and almond preps and refreshes your body with hydrating energy. Blend half of a frozen banana cut in chunks, half a peach, half a cup of unsweetened vanilla almond milk, and four to five ice cubes. Then throw in a tablespoon of ground flax meal or some nut butter for a protein boost.

Now, get outside and enjoy this weather!

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