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Build A Better… Breakfast

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Greet the morning and set your day up for success with a savoury and satisfying, easily-assembled, plant-powered breakfast! We all know a healthy breakfast can give your day a supportive, energizing boost. On the same token, the wrong foods can actually increase fatigue, dull concentration, and bring on cravings.

You don’t need more than a few minutes to toss together a wholesome, mouthwatering power breakfast to fuel your day. Anti-inflammatory turmeric, savoury garlic, and onion flavorfully enhance protein and calcium rich organic tofu in a delectable scramble. Bright red peppers, tomatoes, and creamy, heart-healthy avocado add vibrant color, texture and taste, plus a whopping dose of antioxidants, all held together with the energizing, super-seeded power of Silver Hills’ hearty Organic 20 Grain Train Sprouted bread.