Why is Sprouted Bread Better?

What is the best way to store Silver Hills Bakery products?

If you purchased your sprouted bread, buns, bagels, or tortillas fresh: Check the best before date on the bag provided by the retailer. You can keep your bread (and other products) on your counter in a cool, dry area away from any hot appliances until the best before date on… Read More

What is the shelf life of Silver Hills Bakery products?

If you buy it fresh, check the best before date sticker stamped by the retailer. If you purchased it frozen (or froze it yourself when you brought it home) Silver Hills Bakery breads stay fresh on the counter for up to fourteen (14) days after you thaw them;… Read More

What is the best way to defrost frozen sprouted bread?

Silver Hills Sprouted Bakery breads, buns, bagels, and tortillas stay fresh for up to 6 months in the freezer, so if you won’t use up a whole loaf or bag within a week, the freezer is the best place to store them! But how do you defrost frozen Silver Hills… Read More

What does the Production Code mean and how do I read it?

At Silver Hills Bakery, we use an eight (8) digit production code for product tracking our bread, bagels & buns. The number helps determine when the bread was made and all the ingredients used. How to read the production code on Silver Hills Sprouted Bakery products: In the example code… Read More