Article Gambling with our genetic future

Stan Smith reviews Jeffrey Smith’s ‘Genetic Roulette’

October 22, 2014

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Silver Hills Bakery

Genetic Roulette a book and documentary, by non-GMO activist Geoffrey Smith explains the controversy surrounding genetically modified foods. It discusses the origins of genetically engineered crops like corn, sugar and soy, charts their implementation and discusses the dangers of possible cross-contamination of other food sources like wheat.

“It’s a well-researched and well documented scientific response to the genetic engineering question,” explains Silver Hills co-owner Stan Smith. “It points out a lot of the facts around genetic modification and talks about how important it is that we make decisions as a society. Because unlike things like nuclear technology where you can try it and then you can stop later on if you want to. Once plants or animals have been genetically engineered, you really don’t have the ability to unscramble the eggs so to speak, you can’t go back on it. And he’s done a great job of summarizing that in this book, and makes a compelling case for exercising caution.”

Jeffrey Smith is currently leading the consumer movement promoting non-GMO choices in North America. Through well-researched books, the documentary based on Genetic Roulette and engaging lectures, he is successfully raising awareness of what GMO foods are doing to our health and the environment. His message about their negative health effects, harmful environmental repercussions and overall ineffectiveness at increasing crop yields is starting to turn the tide.

“When consumers start rejecting products made with GMOs,” says Smith, “they’ll become a marketing liability and food companies will stop using them. It’s a matter of consumers acting together to avoid buying these products, forcing them out of our food supply.”

Non-GMO information can be found on Jeffrey Smith’s Institute for Responsible Technology website. Shopping guides can be found here.