Peer-to-Peer: Nutrition Tips and Resources from Silver Hills Bakery Subscribers

A subscriber-exclusive collection of tips, tricks, and go-to resources shared by subscribers like you.

In our January 2023 subscriber-exclusive email, we asked you to share your favourite nutrition tips and resources with us so we could share it back with you as your Nutrition Month gift to each other. 

And WOW! Was this community of fans ever generous with your advice—you blew us away with the wealth of helpful ideas you’ve shared! Thank you!!

As promised, we’ve curated the best of what you shared for your fellow Silver Hills Bakery Wholesome Bites email subscribers to read, learn from, and enjoy! Whether you cook for one, you’re a parent feeding kids from toddlers to teens, you’re a student, or you’re a senior, there’s a nutrition-related tip or tidbit from your peers here to help you on your lifelong journey of healthy eating.

(Some subscriber nutrition tips have been edited for length, clarity, grammar and/or site and brand standards, and to limit duplicated tips. All selected tips are plant-based to include everyone (because we can all benefit from eating more plants!))

Whole Food Plant-based Proteins, Carbs, and Healthy Fats

“Carbs are not evil! They are an important part of a balanced diet.”
―Sourdough Sorcerer*

“Choose the best fats, like avocado. Fats leave you feeling satiated and the good fats help you feel better.
―Emily T.

“Eat whole grains and products made of whole grains when possible; and your protein should come from legumes and pulses.”
―Adam T.

“Eating enough to fuel workouts/lifestyle. Spent many years dieting and sticking to 1500 calories a day barely able to make it through the day and the gym, started eating more nutrient dense food and it has changed my workouts and life for the better.”
―Mrs. B.

“Use beans often—such as cooked beans/bean salad/hummus, etc. and combine with Silver Hills bread to make a complete protein source. Love vegetarian and plant-based! Combine meals with fresh vegetables and fruit and your diet and health will improve greatly!!”
―Silverhill Addict*

“I have started adding green lentils to chilis, pasta sauce and meatloaf. It adds great protein and makes the budget go further.”
―Squirrelly for Squirrel bread*

“Always eat breakfast, always include a grain, protein and fruit. This will keep your blood sugar balanced all morning, abs you will feel satisfied until lunch time!”
―Donn Legere, E.C.E., N. C. (nutritional consultant)

“We have been eating organic for many years and four years ago we started our journey with a whole food plant-based lifestyle. We use and enjoy so very many of your Silver Hills products because they are organic, sprouted and Non-GMO. While my husband watches television in the evening, I surf the internet for whole food plant-based recipes. …I love cooking and baking and make everything from scratch so I spent many hours a day wearing my favourite “Cooking With Love Provides Food For The Soul” apron.”
―Sharon M. Pattinson

Healthy Swaps and Meal Tips

“My tip would be to not be afraid to try new things, one of my favourite swaps is plant-based butter, I can hardly tell the difference, and neither can my family.”
―Michelle B.

“Tofu freezes very well, but semi-firm tofu has the perfect texture when thawed. The water will squeeze out to become firmer and it will absorb more flavours! Practical and tasty in all recipes!”

“My favourite nutrition tip is that a sandwich made with good quality bread (like Silver Hills) can be a quick, portable, complete meal. Cheaper than the drive thru, quicker than cooking, and full of healthy goodness from prebiotics to vitamins and minerals, all in one delicious handful.”
―Carina V.

“I like to cut down on butter when I’m baking and substitute with nut butter (peanut or almond) …not only is it a healthy fat but a bump in protein as well. …”
―Martha Gallo

“My tip is when sautéing or frying is to use water or veggie broth instead of oil. …”
―Mimi B.

“Load up your Silver Hills sandwich with protein and lots of veggies!! …”
―Pearl B.

Parenting and Feeding Your Family

“Don’t tell people what you made until after they have at least tried what you made.”
―Hungry Forever Fan*

“Sprinkling in chia seeds! They never know it’s been added.”
―S. Olson

“Eat more proteins, vitamins and calcium-based product,
Bump up fibre,
Eat whole grain[s],
Eat fruits and vegetables daily,
Be a role model for your child by eating healthy fresh products,
Most importantly, eat healthy family meals with [a] calm environment (without arguing on time) as parents to teach [your] child to stay more healthy and active.”
―Harpreet Dhaliwal 4140

“When I was a young mother, I remember [a member of my community] telling me to use a variety of colour in my food for the best nutrition. I since think of nutrition as including a starch, a protein, vegetables—steamed and in a salad—and full of colour (stop light colours as in red, yellow, green), plus including something from the cruciferous family as well. As for the fruit meal, I think of nutrition including grains, three fruits, seeds and nuts.”
―Clara Mae

A Nutrient Dense Rainbow of Fruits and Veggies

“Eat the rainbow as much as possible.”
―It’s Up to You*

“Frozen produce [is] just as nutritious as fresh produce.”
―Dustin Y.

“I had trouble eating spring mix and I was buying a container and eating [one] salad or none, and throwing out what was left (which is not very good!). I dressed it up by adding a tablespoon of olive oil, low cal dressing, bell peppers, Roma tomatoes, onion, cucumber, and some trail mix and it tastes amazing! It is now my favourite part of my lunch and is incredibly healthy. If what you are trying to eat doesn’t taste that good to you, make it taste better. I’m looking for new things to add to my salad and now eat 100g of salad plus the extras per day.”
―John I.

“Grow your own microgreens, they have many health benefits, they make sandwiches extra special, and you are consuming more vegetables.”
―Silver Hills Fan*

“A helpful plant-based nutrition tip is to include a variety of colourful fruits and vegetables in your diet to ensure adequate intake of essential vitamins and minerals. The different colours indicate the presence of different nutrients, so aim to include a rainbow of produce in your meals.”
―Jean T.

“Incorporate more nutrition into your diet by combining fruits and vegetables with everyday foods such as such as fresh fruit with ice cream and Silver Hills Bakery Bread in sandwiches.”
―We Love Silver Hills Bakery* 

“Veggies taste so much better when they are roasted, plus they retain nutrients more!”
―Ana P.

“Keep produce cut up on bite size pieces for snacking.”
―J. Darrell

*subscriber-selected nom de plume

On top of your favourite nutrition tips, we asked you to share your most trusted, go-to resources for nutrition-related answers and information. From books to blogs, from online communities to cookbooks, from social media influencers to nutrition science researchers, here are some of the resources you shared.

A quick note:

Many of you told us you trust your family physician, registered dietitians and other nutrition practitioners because you value the personalized, one-on-one advice they give you based on your unique needs.

At Silver Hills Sprouted Bakery, we couldn’t agree more with that sentiment.

What qualifies as “the best” health and nutrition advice and information for any one person depends on layers of personal context—your body, your health history, your dietary needs and activity profile, your culture, family, and social background, your relationship with food and body image, your personal preferences, and a host of factors no website, article, book, or social post can begin to cover.

When it comes to the nutrition tips and resources shared on this page—or on our website—we encourage you to filter everything through your own context. Take what works for you. Adapt what you learn to what you need wherever you’re at on your personal health and wellness journey. And leave the rest behind.

(Silver Hills Sprouted Bakery has not reviewed the individual resources listed on this page and does not endorse or otherwise promote the specific nutrition or health advice contained therein.)

Social Media Influencers and Online Communities

Recipe Authors, Sites, and Cookbooks

  • Vegan Richa’s Everyday Kitchen:
    Epic Anytime Recipes with a World of Flavor.
    ―Clara Mae
  • Forks Over Knives:
    Vegan recipes, articles, online courses, meal planner—and a film.
    ―Emily T.
  • Plantbaes:
    Everyday recipes with a healthy touch.
    ―It’s Up to You*
  • Rabbit & Wolves:
    Simple yet exceptional vegan comfort food recipes.
    ―Adam T.
  • Bonnie Stern: HeartSmart™:
    Cookbook series in partnership with the Canadian Heart and Stroke Foundation (partially plant-based, whole grains emphasized).
    ―Bonnie C.
  • Dreena Burton:
    Cookbook author of Eat, Drink & Be Vegan, Plant-Powered Families, Dreena’s Kind Kitchen, and more.
    ―Angela B.
  • Carleigh Bodrug: Plant You:
    Website and NYT bestselling cookbook featuring 140+ plant-based recipes.
    ―Sharon M. Pattinson

Plant-based Recipes (in French)

Public Health Organizations and Evidence-Based Publications

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