Article Why did Silver Hills Bakery change from Certified Vegan to Certified Plant Based?

April 22, 2024

Article by

Silver Hills Bakery

Silver Hills Bakery products have always been vegan-friendly and made without dairy, egg, or other animal products. And they always will be!

The Plant Based Foods Association defines plant-based as ‘foods made from plants that contain no animal-derived ingredients.’

When you see the Certified Plant Based logo on our packaging, it means you can trust that Silver Hills Bakery products have passed the Plant Based Foods Association’s rigorous third-party NSF verification process and live up to the made-from-plants with no-animal-products promise.

And that means they’re still—and always—vegan, too.

So, why did we change from Certified Vegan to Certified Plant-based?

Every year, consumer interest in plant-based products grows—flexitarians and omnivores choose plant-based products as a healthier lifestyle choice.

And the more people who eat plant-based more often, the better!

Using the word ‘plant-based’—and bearing the Certified Plant Based logo—welcomes everyone to our world of sprouted whole grains and healthy eating, whether you’re vegan or simply choosing to eat more plant-based foods more often.