Article Do all Silver Hills Sprouted Bakery products contain sesame?

March 29, 2023

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Silver Hills Bakery

Yes. And not just on our breads, buns, or bagels where you can see them as a topping.

Sesame is a priority allergen in Canada, and a major allergen according to the US FDA—in both countries, food labels must state when sesame is (or may be) present in a product.

Sesame seeds are small, and the oil they leave on bakery equipment makes it difficult to ensure no traces of sesame are left on shared production lines between batches.

That’s why all Silver Hills Bakery wheat-based products will soon list sesame flour as an ingredient and include Contains sesame as an allergen warning (as appropriate for country of sale per Canadian or US regulations).

(Packaging changes will flow through in the first half of 2023; some packaging will state May contain sesame until the transition is complete).