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Brad Brousson talks about enriching others through healthy food

December 19, 2014

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Silver Hills Bakery

Brad Brousson on the power of helping others.

“My parents taught us as kids to be socially responsible, to ensure that wherever we went, we left the world we touched a better place than when we got there,” explains Brad Brousson, founder of Silver Hills Bakery. That philosophy has continued to be a major influence throughout his life.

“At one point my wife and I began to realize life is more than just living. We were just living for ourselves and were lacking something. We wanted to make something for our community that was going to be beneficial and help them be healthy and more nutritious. My father had the idea that we could make the sprouted breads my mother used to bake when we were growing up. That’s when you might say we ‘sold everything we had’ and started the bakery.”

“We as a company have always believed that helping people learn about food, where it comes from, is very significant to their basic health and their happiness,” he continues. “ As we’ve continued to bake bread, it’s become very obvious that a lot of people don’t realize that. So we go the extra mile to educate consumers about why nutrition is important. We spend a lot of money and time doing that so people recognize we’re not just trying to sell them another loaf of bread to make a buck. We’re actually concerned about their health.

“What gratifies me is when I hear people are now eating an apple, an orange and our ancient grain bread. That’s what really excites me. Because I realize that we’ve been able to be just a little slice of their life and helping them to enjoy a higher quality of existence because of our influence in their community and their life.

It makes me feel very fulfilled to know that all the effort, all the sacrifice that went into making the bakery what it is today is really contributing to someone’s happiness and someone’s health. That’s one of the reasons I go to work every day.

Enriching others is one of the six core values we’ve built our company around.

Learn more about the other five here.

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