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What is cultured wheat and why does Silver Hills Bakery use it in their products?

Rather than using unhealthy preservatives in our breads and bagels, we use cultured wheat as a natural and healthy way to maintain freshness and prolong the shelf life of our products. Cultured wheat is made using a completely natural fermentation process similar to how natural yogurt is… Read More

What does Silver Hills Bakery do to ensure high product quality?

We take quality seriously and do everything we can to make sure our breads and bagels are always as fresh, wholesome and delicious as possible. Our grains undergo a thorough sifting, sorting and cleaning treatment, first by the farmer, and then again at our bakery to ensure only… Read More

Does Silver Hills bakery have low-salt or no-salt breads?

We don’t offer any sodium-free breads, however, we do offer a low-sodium varieties (with 140 mg or less per serving), including The Big 16 and Steady Eddie. Read More

Does Silver Hills Bakery use genetically modified ingredients (GMO’s)?

Not on your life, or anybody else’s for that matter. Silver Hills is passionate about keeping genetically modified organisms out of our products, demonstrated by our association with the Non-GMO Project. Our grains, like the rest of the ingredients we use, are… Read More