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What is The Sprouted Life Challenge?

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The Sprouted Life is about doing the simple things—because those end up being the big things. 

When you sign up for The Sprouted Life Challenge, you get simple, bite-sized tips and takeaways that every one of us can do to support better health.

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- Brooke, Idaho

Overall, I thought that the 4 week email series SMART was awesome! I loved that it was split up into weekly emails because it made each letter and concept easily digestible and the anticipation for the next email kept me excited! I thought that it was all very thorough and informative but also gave such great tips on how to actually make small changes that add up to huge improvements. 
It doesn’t have to be all or nothing. That’s something I’ve been working on in my life, how to get rid of the idea of perfection and really embrace taking things in small steps, having patience and being okay with the slow and steady road. It makes change far more attainable and sustainable! It was a great series. I would love more emails like this to help keep me on track, give me more ideas on how I can simplify health and make my life better overall!

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The Sprouted Life 
Challenge to a friend?


Favourite SMART email/s:

M is for Moderation, A is for Activity and R is for Rest


- C.F.L, BC

I was so impressed by the colours, depth of information, and level of care that was obviously put into these publications! I liked that the emails were frequent, but not too frequent, and detailed enough, but not overwhelmingly so.

 In our society people do not often hear the value of rest, along with the other aspects that have been highlighted in this series. Rest is SO important and too often overlooked. I appreciated it being highlighted.

Would you recommend 
The Sprouted Life 
Challenge to a friend?


Favourite SMART email:

A is for Activity and R is for Rest