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Meet Farmer Fife, Oat So Lovely, Wheat & Greet, and Full Seed Ahead!

January 11, 2021

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Silver Hills Bakery

For over 30 years—long before most grocery stores had an organics in every aisle—Silver Hills Sprouted Bakery has baked our sprouted whole grain breads with certified organic ingredients. One thing we hear again and again from fans and families who love our organic sprouted breads? “More, please!”

Every year, more families put certified organic options and healthy whole grains at the top of their grocery list. Our new organic sprouted breads are a fresh expression of our commitment to making sprouted organic whole grains inviting for everyone. Because we want to give you even more reason to reach for healthy, sprouted whole grain options your family will love!

Silver Hills Bakery Sprouted Organic Breads from soft to seedy

With a range of textures from soft and smooth to sophisticated and seedy, our four new Silver Hills organic sprouted breads add exciting variety to our delicious assortment of certified organic wide slice loaves.

Meet Silver Hills Sprouted Bakery’s latest:
Farmer Fife, Oat So Lovely, Wheat & Greet, and Full Seed Ahead!

Farmer Fife

Feel the farm-grown love in the softest, smoothest slice in our new Organic sprouted bread line. Made with Canada’s oldest heritage grain, red fife wheat, you’ll experience over 175 years of Canadian farm history in every timelessly tasty bite. A kid-friendly step further into sprouted from our Family Favourite Organic Multigrain bread, Farmer Fife Organic Sprouted Power™ bread serves up a flavourful, smooth-textured sprouted whole grain experience for bread lovers of all ages.

Silver Hills Bakery Sprouted Power Organic Oat So Lovely Bread

Oat So Lovely

Delicately kissed with the sweetness of dates, this Oat So Lovely slice has a subtle charm that’s hard to resist. More than just a tasty toast, this high-fibre organic sprouted bread delivers satisfying substance. Packing over 42 grams of whole grains in every two-slice sandwich (most of the 48 grams recommended every day!), Oat So Lovely Organic Sprouted Power™ bread is a deliciously simple choice you can feel good about enjoying with your family.

Silver Hills Bakery Organic Sprouted Power Wheat & Greet bread

Wheat & Greet

Say ‘Hello!’ to wonderfully crunchy wheat berries paired perfectly with tender, sprouted whole wheat. Introduce your family to a loaf of Wheat & Greet Organic Sprouted Power™ bread and discover a new appreciation for whole grain bread. With a delicious variety of textures, there’s not a boring bite in the bag. Stack a serious sandwich, or toast two slices to-go, you’ll want to welcome Wheat & Greet to your table any day of the week.

Silver Hills Bakery Organic Sprouted Power Full Seed Ahead bread

Full Seed Ahead

An energetic celebration of seeds and sprouted whole grains, your day will be Full Seed Ahead powered by this bread. Organic sprouted whole wheat is just the start of Full Seed Ahead’s textural adventure. Every slice is stuffed with organic pumpkin, sunflower, sesame, and flax seeds. All that seedy goodness is rounded out with a sprouted flour blend that’s the perfect complement to the delicious crunch. Get going—and keep up with your family’s full day—with the goodness of Full Seed Ahead Organic Sprouted Power™ bread.

Not sure which bread is best for you and your family? We can help! Get a slice-by-slice comparison of all our sprouted grain breads here. Tried our new Organic line? Tell us what you think! Share your reviews on our Facebook page, or mention @SilverHillsBakery on Instagram—we can’t wait to hear what you think about our new organic sprouted grain breads!

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